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The Crush Saga Book 1 by Chrissy Peebles – Review

If you like paranormal romance, particularly if you like it since the boom of Twilight and True Blood, then Chrissy Peebles is your kind of author. I read Crush, book 1 of the Crush Saga, as part of a free anthology I downloaded off Amazon. With these anthologies, it is often hit or miss, and Peebles’ cute little novel was definitely a hit. Continue reading The Crush Saga Book 1 by Chrissy Peebles – Review

Crepuscule doesn’t last long enough – Review

Crepuscule is a Korean webtoon by Mirchi and Yamchi about a paradise outside of the human realm where vampires live. The dictionary meaning of crepuscule is twilight, but don’t worry – there is nothing glittery about these vampires. Continue reading Crepuscule doesn’t last long enough – Review

Commiting to the Knight

follow up review from my post a couple hours ago..

So my addictive personality has made me read to chapter 60 of Vampire Knight in one evening; and I must say…

photo of my actual face


Suddenly changing EVERYTHING in a single chapter I am no longer reading a high school drama of blood-stained memories and triangular love; it has evolved into a serious and desperate battle of emotion and multiple thousands of years of delusional power.

Oh and the Discplinary Committee haven’t patrolled or done anything useful for weeks, in fact, they are in the centre of the trouble and causing blood spillage and heartbreak all over the page.

It might not be the same manga I fell in love with this morning but damn it I still love Aido.

I mean I still want to read the rest and find out the fate of everyone…


slut ¬_¬ #bitteropinion

Kaname you beeeeeetch I was team Zero >:C Yuki…. how could you do this, K could have a harem but who loves Zero?

Ah, my love of vampirism is restored… My Knight in shining fangs.

Vampire Knight manga 1-6 review.

Following the story of Yuki, a member of the disciplinary committee for Cross academy, we find out she is actually a guardian of a secret between two different classes.

Akin to the best anime/manga/drama series there is a class of “elite and beautiful” ‘humans.’ Except in the case of vampire knight they are not human. [OMG SPOILER] From the first page you discover the blood covered fangs of (surprise surprise) vampires trying to coexist with humans.

Why is there always so much more drama coming from attempted peace than ensuing war?

In simple terms, humans attend school in the day, and elite class attend at night. No-one from day class knows that they are slathering away over beautiful vampires. Or that each time they walk past the vampires are slathering over the smell of blood…

To keep it all dandy there are two students; Yuki and Zero, which keep the peace and act as wardens to keep the gushing girls away from the intoxicating ‘beasts in human form.’ They make up the Disciplinary Committee.

If you are thinking “Not another high school based manga…” then slap yourself; immediately. It may be done frequently, but it isn’t overdone [well…] the age of characters relate to the readers either in I KNOW EXACTLY HOW SHE FEELS RIGHT NOW; or I remember that feeling, back in the day. [I’m already in the latter ;^; oldie.]

The members of the Disciplinary Committee, Yuki and Zero, have both had bad experiences with a ravenous vampire in the past, and as a result became ‘adopted’ by the Cross Academy Headmaster. As the only two students who know about vampiric existence let alone that the night class consists solely of aristocrat vamps they make sure that co-existence is possible. Yuki was in fact saved by one of the students, Kaname, who is special even among vampires, when she was attacked so obviously she is in love with him. Zero hates vampires as, unfortunately, a gorgeous and strong vampire wasn’t there to save him.

Then something happens to Zero.

And then some naughty things go on between the Disciplinary Committee duo.

the greatest taboo... ;D

AND THEN they are asleep in class. Seriously, there is always someone who physically Sleeps in class in anime, is it that normal a thing or is it just heightened drama?

poetry in pictures

I think the moment I fell in love with Vampire Knight manga was on the first page, where the poetry and sadness came through of an unknown voice talking of blood on snow. Yes, I am that morbid, but it was beautiful. The story itself is complimented with the delicacy of the artwork. Matsuri Hino’s hand style is wonderful and has been added to my ever increasing list of talents I am envious of. The eyes are soulful, even for vampires, and the hair is done so well that it’s how I tell which character is which [For I am devouring the manga at such velocity the names keep slipping from my short term memory before I have computed them to long term.]

Zero; who is part of the disciplinary committee along with Yuki, is a wonderfully broody character with a thirst for vengeance [there’s always one] and will quickly put at your heart strings.

But for the hardier of us there is kaname Aido, a feisty vampire that should be everyone’s favourite but gets bullied by everyone and seems to be at the centre of trouble/attention simultaneously.  As the series goes on he goes from cutesy to a little pathetic and endearing, if you don’t want to hug him by book 4 then YOU are the monster, not the vampires.

I realise there is an anime, and it is now on my WATCH THIS list [my life revolves around lists *sigh*] but alas, I have a dissertation to complete before Christmas.

If you are stuck for ideas for gifts for anyone who likes one or more of the below:

  • Vampires
  • Manga in general, of any calibre.
  • Romance
  • Blood
  • Hierarchy and Parliament
  • Two guys one gal
  • Three guys, one gal, one woman, a billion vampires/fan-girls
  • Rule enforcers
  • Rule breakers
  • Rule enforcers who break rules
  • Disciplinary Committee being explained every chapter.
  • More things that I am too lazy to type…

…then they will love Vampire Knight.