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@BookItForwardUK giveaway! Phantom Thief Jeanne

#BookItForwardUK: High school student Maron Kusakabe has a secret: she’s Phantom Thief Jeanne. She sneaks into private art collections to steal paintings in which demons reside. Jeanne’s task is to seal the demons before they can devour human hearts. So far she’s been able to evade the police on her midnight outings, but now another thief has come onto the scene – Phantom Sinbad – and he’s trying to take the paintings before she does! Continue reading @BookItForwardUK giveaway! Phantom Thief Jeanne

Anime vs Manga: Phantom Thief Jeanne – review

Phantom Thief Jeanne manga was brought to the English speaking audience in March this year by the fantastic people at Shojobeat, of Viz Media. I was a little slow on the uptake, what with it now being May and I have only just picked it up, but seeing all the gush about the series on Twitter when I saw it sitting on the shelf in Waterstones, well, you know my track record of resistance. Continue reading Anime vs Manga: Phantom Thief Jeanne – review

The complicated love life of the rose princess – Review

Barajou no kiss, or Kiss of the Rose Princess, is a harem manga centralised around a high school girl, Anis. Continue reading The complicated love life of the rose princess – Review

Manga vs Anime: Kimi to Boku – Review

Kimi to Boku, by Kiichi Hotta, is a slice of life anime and manga about four boys entering high school. They have been friends since kindergarten, two are twins, one is basically the feminine role of the group, and the fourth is a moody bespectacled lad who doesn’t seem to want to be friends with them, but is obviously just a whiny bloke because he follows them around and encourages them to do things. There’s also a blonde character that joins the troop further in the story.

Doesn’t that sound enthralling?

Well don’t look over the manga shelf just yet. I for one hate the ‘slice of life’ genre, with the obsession on rich vs poor, gender bending, magic, martial art talent and general how-can-we-make-something-explode-soon-or-have-an-epic-five-episode-battle genres there is so many more exciting and entertaining titles out there available. However, though Kimi to Boku is not my cup of tea, it still got me laughing – out loud – more than once in just the first episode.


Continue reading Manga vs Anime: Kimi to Boku – Review

Anime vs Manga: 07 Ghost – Review

07 Ghost is essentially a fantasy world about the church and the army, and the infestation of gods in both of them. Some people have a talent that enables them to use ‘zaiphon’, a sort of energy that takes the form of words and can be used to attack, manipulate and heal. However, the plot revolves around two relics of the world, the ‘eye of Mikhail’ and the ‘eye of Raphael’. 07 Ghost begins with Mikhail being lost, but you soon find out main character Teito Klein has it leading to the adventure as to why, when, what it is and who Teito really is.

Manga issue 1
Manga issue 1

Continue reading Anime vs Manga: 07 Ghost – Review

Anime vs Manga: Kaichou wa Maid-Sama – Review

So this is another story where an insignificant girl who is shy and modest is chosen by the hot successful guy who then looks after her? Nope. Ok, so this is a strong independent woman who completely becomes dependent as soon as the love interest flutters his obscenely long eyelashes? Wrong again.

What do you mean this is actually a great series
What do you mean this is actually a great series

With a name like maid-sama, even as a loyal otaku, I would join the group that would have pre-judged doubts about Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama (school council president is a maid). However, my 14-year-old Oneechan said about the series as she’s hyped on the anime, so I gave it a shot. I was smitten by chapter one.

Continue reading Anime vs Manga: Kaichou wa Maid-Sama – Review

Jiu you want another? – review

As far as otaku-ness is concerned I’m still a noob for manga, reading it for as many months as I have digits to count them, but even I know potential when I see it.

NB: Me and MS Paint like copyright rules, so together we made a few changes so not to ruin Jiu Jiu for you but still let you experience the beauty.

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ANIME VS MANGA: Ao No Exorcist

Its no secret that I am a fan of the Ao No Exorcist from the review I did a few months ago. I enjoyed Kazue’s art and storyline so wanted the fun to continue, so, I started the manga series.

Click on image to start your manga addiction too!

So we know that the series is great, but must we place allegiances with either the manga or the anime?

However, the anime series is a complete set of 25 episodes, rather than the mammoth ongoing in the likes of Naruto or Bleach. Although, the manga is still being released every few months and has a great deal of story left to tell…

To see every side is the best option.

Watching the anime will you give you an action packed, semi-feel good laugh over the weekend, it is definately worth your time. But the manga is also on the Read List. You may think you have obtained a good definition for every character (except that Takara) but everybody changes, develops, evolves, and is shown in a rainbow of different lights. Why would you want to miss that?

I can honestly say that both manga and anime are worthy of being in anybody’s collection. Great art and emotional depth is present in both; personally I think that all fight scenes are better in colour and with sound, but the original storyline that the manga follows requires that sacrifice.

Creepy and Beautiful. Although would Blackie/Kuro be better in colour?

You will be as happy as the son of satan in watching and reading Ao No Exorcist, so be happier and do both.

Happy like the Son Of Satan.

I also mentioned in my last Ao No Exorcist review that I wanted to know who the damned was Takara. WELL…

the first mention of him... since ever...

If that tiny hint isn’t enough to make you switch to manga, then you aren’t a Blue Fan anyway… So you should watch the anime ;D

Reading *BLUE* Exorcist in black and white is kind of funny...

Recommendation: Watch the anime, and then read the manga to continue the story further. ♥


Bleach, the art by Tite Kubo, never hit my radar, until it became a small commotion on Twitter. Something about the anime coming to a close (after six billion episodes) and maybe perhaps a live action film coming out? I think. Don’t quote me.

Anyway, it was being talked about, but I had no idea what it was. Given synopsis: A boy, Ichigo, is transformed into a magical girl Shinigami after making a deal with the incubator being slain through the heart to save his family. Things go a bit complicated seems he is super powerful, and then the adventures begin.


Then I saw this picture:

Continue reading ANIME VS MANGA Bleach

ANIME VS MANGA Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler – review

A young boy barely gracing his teenage years is the sole survivor of an aristocratic family in Victorian London. Already the beauty in that image will gain a substantial audience. The artwork by Yana Toboso complements the storyline beautifully, with frills and lace and detail all over the page. And this bold respect for the era is not lost in the anime either. Everything is recreated with the eerie perfection that seems to fill Kuroshitsuji. Continue reading ANIME VS MANGA Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler – review


D-Gray Man, by Katsura Hoshino, is about some kid with a funky arm that can kill Akuma, a glowing eye that can see Akuma and a face tattoo that means Akuma. But what are these Akuma? They are the cursed spirits of humans dragged back to earth by loved ones who can’t let go and made into robots. It’s kind of like the Sonic the hedgehog storyline, only religious (What with the fat bad guy and the robots…)

The cast... of which I have met 4 (5 including Timcanpy)

Currently has a billion (103) episodes and (212) chapters. I am basing this on the first 5 of each. (I don’t have all day to watch it all).

The first episode and first chapter is almost word for word… up until the explanation of where that Akuma comes from. For some reason they change what happens… and yet do it in a way that doesn’t need to modify the speech. Personally the Manga won for the sheer tragedy and irony more so the Anime depiction, but the anime story was a little more heartbreaking.

Heartbreaking Bride vs Tragic Nun

So after the first episode I was thinking “This anime adaption is going to be pretty awesome,” and then epi 2 comes on… and it’s actually chapter 5. Where is chapter 2? For those of you who haven’t read chapter 2 it is freaking awesome. It shows power! I like, maybe even love, manga and anime that have some weak protagonist that suddenly goes BOOM and has some all powerful attack… than in the next episode doesn’t even scratch the enemy because everyone gets a level up. But that first initial boom is exciting. And chapter 2 is all over the boom. Well technically chapter 3 is, but you need chapter 2 to understand.

BOOM I am ALLEN, I am ALL powerful. kinda.
Oh hai, I am anime allen, I have no reason for being and appear to be a pathetic doll with a large arm.

The other reason I was annoyed they skipped chapter 2 and 3 was because it held the storyline on WHO THE HELL the kid, Allen Walker, is. Where he came from, why he has the arm, the eye and the tattoo… all those questions that take an entire series to answer is clearly given in the first effing book… but do they show you? NO! damn anime interpretations.

They do respect the manga though; all characters and funny chibi moments are crafted exactly. There was a clever part in episode one, where in the manga an illustration appears, and they use it in the anime as well but in the form of a book on the desk.

SPOILER that's not Allen.

The plot itself is quite intriguing; they are looking for some shiny ‘innocence’ of God stuff that will win the day yatta yatta but it means they get to travel the world and everybody dies for each other. Adventure and emotion= the perfect mix. It looks set to have some fantastic scenery, from London streets to Italian Villages on hills.

The artwork in both is very refreshing; it has a clear style like most popular anime/manga that isn’t too angular or blurred to look at. I like clear lines and good colouring, it allows you to relax and lose yourself into the atmosphere, and with D Gray Man you can do exactly that.

The recommendation is to both read and watch. If you do one then you will easily get into the other! They are equally entertaining. If you haven’t heard of/started D-Gray Man then I say to get into the manga first. Personally, I think manga is more mature and goes further into character development, and also the fight scenes are a little dry in D-Gray Man, so looking at manga is enough to get the power respect for them.

Remember though I am a D Gray Newbie, I saw an image of Allen on Tumblr and he looked badass, which makes me think the anime might get pretty awesome. It’s just I have to psyche myself up for 103 episodes, but I just started Bleach and I am about 600 episodes and a 1000 chapters behind on that… another mammoth commitment is just not want I want right now.

D-Gray Man looks to be something exciting and has enough silly chibi moments to outweigh the serious sounding storyline. The characters are funny and broody, so everybody will find someone they like.

ANIME VS MANGA = DRAW. (the equal kind, not the manga kind ;D )

Commiting to the Knight

follow up review from my post a couple hours ago..

So my addictive personality has made me read to chapter 60 of Vampire Knight in one evening; and I must say…

photo of my actual face


Suddenly changing EVERYTHING in a single chapter I am no longer reading a high school drama of blood-stained memories and triangular love; it has evolved into a serious and desperate battle of emotion and multiple thousands of years of delusional power.

Oh and the Discplinary Committee haven’t patrolled or done anything useful for weeks, in fact, they are in the centre of the trouble and causing blood spillage and heartbreak all over the page.

It might not be the same manga I fell in love with this morning but damn it I still love Aido.

I mean I still want to read the rest and find out the fate of everyone…


slut ¬_¬ #bitteropinion

Kaname you beeeeeetch I was team Zero >:C Yuki…. how could you do this, K could have a harem but who loves Zero?

Ah, my love of vampirism is restored… My Knight in shining fangs.

Vampire Knight manga 1-6 review.

Following the story of Yuki, a member of the disciplinary committee for Cross academy, we find out she is actually a guardian of a secret between two different classes.

Akin to the best anime/manga/drama series there is a class of “elite and beautiful” ‘humans.’ Except in the case of vampire knight they are not human. [OMG SPOILER] From the first page you discover the blood covered fangs of (surprise surprise) vampires trying to coexist with humans.

Why is there always so much more drama coming from attempted peace than ensuing war?

In simple terms, humans attend school in the day, and elite class attend at night. No-one from day class knows that they are slathering away over beautiful vampires. Or that each time they walk past the vampires are slathering over the smell of blood…

To keep it all dandy there are two students; Yuki and Zero, which keep the peace and act as wardens to keep the gushing girls away from the intoxicating ‘beasts in human form.’ They make up the Disciplinary Committee.

If you are thinking “Not another high school based manga…” then slap yourself; immediately. It may be done frequently, but it isn’t overdone [well…] the age of characters relate to the readers either in I KNOW EXACTLY HOW SHE FEELS RIGHT NOW; or I remember that feeling, back in the day. [I’m already in the latter ;^; oldie.]

The members of the Disciplinary Committee, Yuki and Zero, have both had bad experiences with a ravenous vampire in the past, and as a result became ‘adopted’ by the Cross Academy Headmaster. As the only two students who know about vampiric existence let alone that the night class consists solely of aristocrat vamps they make sure that co-existence is possible. Yuki was in fact saved by one of the students, Kaname, who is special even among vampires, when she was attacked so obviously she is in love with him. Zero hates vampires as, unfortunately, a gorgeous and strong vampire wasn’t there to save him.

Then something happens to Zero.

And then some naughty things go on between the Disciplinary Committee duo.

the greatest taboo... ;D

AND THEN they are asleep in class. Seriously, there is always someone who physically Sleeps in class in anime, is it that normal a thing or is it just heightened drama?

poetry in pictures

I think the moment I fell in love with Vampire Knight manga was on the first page, where the poetry and sadness came through of an unknown voice talking of blood on snow. Yes, I am that morbid, but it was beautiful. The story itself is complimented with the delicacy of the artwork. Matsuri Hino’s hand style is wonderful and has been added to my ever increasing list of talents I am envious of. The eyes are soulful, even for vampires, and the hair is done so well that it’s how I tell which character is which [For I am devouring the manga at such velocity the names keep slipping from my short term memory before I have computed them to long term.]

Zero; who is part of the disciplinary committee along with Yuki, is a wonderfully broody character with a thirst for vengeance [there’s always one] and will quickly put at your heart strings.

But for the hardier of us there is kaname Aido, a feisty vampire that should be everyone’s favourite but gets bullied by everyone and seems to be at the centre of trouble/attention simultaneously.  As the series goes on he goes from cutesy to a little pathetic and endearing, if you don’t want to hug him by book 4 then YOU are the monster, not the vampires.

I realise there is an anime, and it is now on my WATCH THIS list [my life revolves around lists *sigh*] but alas, I have a dissertation to complete before Christmas.

If you are stuck for ideas for gifts for anyone who likes one or more of the below:

  • Vampires
  • Manga in general, of any calibre.
  • Romance
  • Blood
  • Hierarchy and Parliament
  • Two guys one gal
  • Three guys, one gal, one woman, a billion vampires/fan-girls
  • Rule enforcers
  • Rule breakers
  • Rule enforcers who break rules
  • Disciplinary Committee being explained every chapter.
  • More things that I am too lazy to type…

…then they will love Vampire Knight.

KEEP AWAY: the vampires should not integrate

Written for Reader Review Section for NEO Magazine. Published in issue #92

Dancing is fun. Vampires are seductive. Bund is… well I don’t really know. Put these three words together and it would be assumed that it would make one awesomely addictive series. Assumptions are usually wrong and Dance in the Vampire Bund is no exception.

A Japanese high school boy breaks a wall with superhuman strength and then is hurt by a comrade. Ok, it isn’t unheard of in anime. Said boy is then bundled into a car and taken to ‘The Princess’. Pay attention, the best part is coming up… Check out the dad’s ensemble! That is one killer potential cosplay. You can look away again now.

The only funny/good thing about the atrocity I witnessed

I blink away the dreary scene and suddenly there is so much naked seven year old I think this 21 year old girl is in the wrong place. Luckily the awkwardness is broken with body lotion and the high school boy’s hands. Oh wait.

When it got to naked child-come-vampire ripping off the shoulder of a maids dress so she can bite her uncovered neck but somehow also taking away the bodice, I regretted the decision to review this for free.

I have a terrible feeling that it will all get worse...

Unless you love pointless hentai and pathetic-but-strong characters, run, run fast. In the other direction.

Absolute Boyfriend

I just finished making a suprise present for my Boyfriend. He never reads my blog so it’s fine that I am posting it before giving it to him, plus I am giving it to him tomorrow. No Worries.

Click on the picture to buy your own copy of Absolute Boyfriend on Amazon.co.uk!

This is the mood ring that Night Tenjo wears in Absolute Boyfriend; a manga by Yuu Watase.

The basic storyline is that a high school girl, Riiko, who can’t get a boyfriend happens across a website where she can buy one, or have a three day free trial. She tries it out and the robot boy, Night Tenjo, is head over heels obsessed with her.

He wears a ring that will show the emotions of Riiko, like a mood ring, so he knows when she is happy/sad/angry/ pleasured; however he does not know why.

Making a couple complications in her life and some fine print she missed on the contract, Night ends up going to school with her to learn more about women, and more about Riiko. Thus allowing a great deal of comical capers to ensue.

The Manga is wonderful, and so beautifully drawn, I don’t care if Night and Soshi are just 2d pictures on a page I am in Love.

Whilst reading another Manga I passed Absolute Boyfriend over to my Boyfriend, as the character was rather like him and I thought he would enjoy it.

He did. He enjoyed it so much that he did the Absolute Boyfriend Boy in a box parcel to me on my birthday. ^^

But with my insatiable love for Cosplay Being cling filmed in a cardboard box is not enough, and out of a mood ring, craft clay stuff and silver paint I created the ring.

Sailor Mercury

It’s semi the right pose… ;D