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Smiles, styles and service – Craig Chapmans Hair Salon – review

I looked like the joker. Or maybe a minotaur. How did I get to this predicament and what was to happen next? Continue reading Smiles, styles and service – Craig Chapmans Hair Salon – review

Since I’ve been gone…

Not so Secret

I was recently welcomed to the ranks of the employed (more volunteer) with Keep It Secret as their Social Media Assistant.

As part of this I created an amateur video review for the bento box they sell. It is made using windows live movie player, that is the level of amateur.

That’s all really, just spamming myself on my own blog. But hopefully, you will find it creative and want to hire me to a paid job buy the bento box and eat lots of sushi yourself.


A brand new revolution… for beverages

Join the revolution for the resolution

Two connoisseurs of Hot Chocolate tasting are opening a blog, purely dedicated to the hunt of the best Hot Chocolates. So head on over to…


So Mum, remember when you said you wanted to redecorate the bathroom… – review

I walk into my parents cream and terracotta bathroom with Live color XXL Blueberry Crush… what’s the worst that could happen? ;D Continue reading So Mum, remember when you said you wanted to redecorate the bathroom… – review

It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid: SAVE THE OWLS.

So the amazing Screech Owl Sanctuary was on BBC News saying that they need money or they won’t be able to look after owls.

So, in short, this post is just to say:


I mean, seriously, find it in your holiday heart to give those coppers that escape the mad rush of the tills to this sanctuary. The owls are all happy and getting healthy here. Did you see the Harry Potter films? or Guardians of Gahoole? Those owls live at this sanctuary in our little old Cornwall. They have given us entertaintment and shut the kids up for hours, we OWE them this donation.

Are you screwed up and hate owls because of THEIR AMAZING ABILITY TO BE EVERYWHERE right now no matter what shop you go in? Then donate to help the Meerkats, the other animal that is taking over the world.

If your heart is still made of stone and your pockets too long for your short arms then surely you can stretch to save the emus?

Surely your icy soul will melt for the Alpacas?

Will you go even if its just to throw bread to the ducks?

If by this point you still don’t want to save this amazing and kind almost 30 year old Sanctuary, then Santa won’t even bother giving you coal this christmas. or next. or the one after that. or after. etc.

St Michaels Spa: Sensuously Steamy

My skin is so smooth. I have fallen in love with my skin.

After two and a half hours of getting in and out of various hot and cold water/steam bowls, rooms and showers you would fall in love with your skin too.

If you don’t run screaming at the £7.20 entrance fee (£8 for you non students) you will be able to hold your head high through the swish reception and walk through glass doors towards the compact and comfortable changing rooms. More on these later, as at first all I do is whip off my clothes, shove the bag in the locker and eagerly leave. I am about to go into a chlorinated pool for the first time in almost three years…

Yes, you guessed right, it wasn’t as brilliant as I keep telling myself it will be. I remember that I choke easily and can swim at one length per 20 minutes.

St Michaels of Falmouth has a 1.1m to 1.4 m deep pool: 30 cm difference.For shorties like me this is fine, I am splashing my chin with my feet on the ground at the ‘Deep End.’

But this is not what I parted with my cash for, I could see my target, but it was full of buxom ladies and strange tattooed men. I ain’t got nothing against tattoos, I love them, I own one… one day I will have more. But none of these men came close to how badass my boyfriend looks shirtless so they were instantly ugly in my eyes.

We played around in the pool for a while, it was peacefully quiet on a schoolday at lunch time so for the most part we had it to ourselves, a few middle aged “we totally do fitness everyday” types kept coming in and doing some lengths. But we were having fun walking like crabs since Daniel realised it was shallow enough to do martial arts (Like the awesome Tang Soo Do) stances. After trying to do jumping kicks under water and backing into innocent members of the public we escaped to the sauna.

I knew it was meant to be a hot room, but my gosh that room was hot. I barely lasted three minutes before I tried out the steam room, was blinded and bored and quickly returned to splashing in the pool.

Half an hour later the jacuzzi was vacated and we quickly snapped it up for our 4 person group. The bubbles were frothy and the jet streams were hammering into us, the seats were too low for our little frames but we could keep our heads above the surface like adults so we felt fine. (I hate being short sometimes)

The warm water was lovely, I am not one for baths, but I found myself easily just sitting in the jacuzzi and letting the bubbles and warm water just relax my body.

Another swim and we returned to the sauna again. It just seems natural to keep changing; it was our first time there and I had not been to a sauna/steam room before.

Daniel and I fulfilled one of our greatest desires and poured water over the sauna stones with a wooder spoon from a bucket. He did it first and I did it straight after. The sauna then overheated to a level we could not stand; luckily we had fulfille dour wish after other people left so we didn’t ruin it for everyone else. I really do not recommend putting water on more than once…

My second time in the steam room was relaxing. I could barely see through the steam but it has a menthol-esque air to it, clearing my airways. It was refreshing.

Another swim, another whirl in the jacuzzi and my stomach was rumbling. It was past lunchtime and I had skipped breakfast on my way to the swimmingpool, not wanting to get a stitch.

Back in the changing rooms I noticed just how pleasant they were. The shower cubicles were a decent size with mounted dispensers for shower gel and shampoo. I had no idea what they were / which they were so I just used both everywhere. The changing cubicles were spacious and had a nice seat to spread out my underwear, shorts, towel and perfume. There was coathooks for people who want them as well.

I realised I had hit the big time when I spied a strange box on the wall with a metal basket inside. I put my bikini within its depths then leaned on the lid to keep it shut. The vibrations shooks me a little but after 30 seconds my bikini came out almost dry, at least it was dry enough to put in my towel and not get the inside of mybag- always a horror when going swimming.

The hairdryers -and straightener set- was free to use and was very good quality. At this point I was musing about the £7.20 price tag on my fun that day. Being the stingy student that I am there was still a few hard feelings at that money loss even though deep in my heart, it was probably worth it. Probably.

I’ll go again for sure… when I earn some money. *Sigh*

Vivitar 410HD Digital Video Camera- a review most dissapointing.

Vivitar 410HD Digital Video Camera-

google images helped me find this image.

As a media professional in training, I thought it would be a good idea to obtain a pocket camcorder in order to film video blogs and such. As a student I didn’t want to part with my money, especially for something that is course related. ;D

Continue reading Vivitar 410HD Digital Video Camera- a review most dissapointing.

Wonder what you should be doing with your Friday Night?


“Oooh Nat, the Town Hall have had a refit and they’re showing a film on Friday, why don’t we go?”

Oh yeah, that’s exactly what a 21 year old student wants to hear from mum whilst she’s home…

Well, maybe it is. ;D

Not really known for its night life ( ¬_¬ it’s not, don’t fight me, you know it’s true. ) Lanson can be…well… dull. Yet this projector cinema could be a great thing. The quality is great and the value is great- £5 with the options of coffee, wine and juice for affordable prices. Everybody is catered for and approx 120 people can fit in and there was still plenty of space, so no fears of claustrophobia.

The chairs can be classed as suitable. It’s a town hall with a projector screen remember, at least the upholstered cushion are better than the old plastic stackers they used to own! A film is no longer than 2 hours, so it is survivable.

The height of the screen is nothing to complain about either. My family suffer with their necks so we were worried about sitting somewhere we had to look up at when sitting on straight chairs for a long time; however we have the dilemma of being short and feared tall people sitting in front and obstructing the view. The latter reasoning won out and we sat front row, although, looking back, the screen is high enough that we could sit in the centre and still see clearly.

So, the health verdict? No complaints. :3 They cleverly positioned the chairs far enough back so that even the front row would be comfortable. This set up has obviously been carefully considered and planned; it is not a little project they have thrown in to Pilot. It works, and it works well.

The films start at 7.30 pm; you can buy tickets and get in at 7pm. Therefore you can see the film, and then be out before 10pm and go to the pub. If you really want to. I shouldn’t sound so degrading, not all pubs in Launceston are bad… If you have backup.

For Launceston, this is an exciting venture. There were 33 people attending Cemetery Junction. I hope the two showings of Kings Speech sell out on the 6th and 7th May. Not only because that film is brilliant and you will most definitely have a great, good value, evening. But we should support the positive advancement of our little town.

And if you’re hungry after, your ‘cinema’ tickets get you a discount in Launceston Fryers. ;D

The Jo Staff

This review is just a short piece that I used as part of a course project from my degree.

The jo staff is usually 52 inches in length and made from wood. Of course you can get the performance graphite models that are extremely lightweight to manoeuvre but the power of a wooden weapon is incomparable.



Holding a weapon in your hand gives you a sense of power, but when it feels like a broom handle do you still have that influence?

The answer is a most definite yes. Just holding it the way you would carry a weapon safely from your home to training will give your posture a boost that unconsciously moves people away from your path.

But what about the way it moves, the way it feels when you swing it towards an invisible target?

Similar to that of a sword the jo staff is held at one end at; swiping at the enemy target with the edge or jabbing with the other end. Although the size and blunt end shape makes it more comfortable to use the ‘blade’ as it were.

Is it a singular weapon or can it be doubled up?

To counter the length weight it is necessary to grip with both hands, so the jo would become your shield as well. It would be near impossible to execute attacks with enough power only holding with one hand, so unless you were to use it more like a bo staff with hand in the middle you could not use it alongside another weapon simultaneously. Even then you would be compromising the power and accuracy of attack.

However even though it is 20 inches shorter than the bo it is still a long staff that can easily be held similarly in the middle and protect two sides.

Weapon factor: 7/10