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Menstrual cups: Hippy fad or a better friend than diamonds?

Seeing how popular my nexplanon blog was, it is apparent there is just not enough real life experiences of menses on the internet. There is lots of content on the subject, but not enough. But then, why would there be? It’s not like it happens once a month to half the world’s population. Continue reading Menstrual cups: Hippy fad or a better friend than diamonds?

You had me at Shakespeare the Vampire Hunter – preview

This September, a new book documenting the life of William Shakespeare as a vampire hunter is being released. Yes. William Shakespeare as a vampire hunter. What more do you need? I wonder if he has more skills that Abraham Lincoln? Continue reading You had me at Shakespeare the Vampire Hunter – preview

Freewriting vs winning

I didn’t blog yesterday. That small fact has filled me with guilt. I convinced myself I would just double blog another time, presmably today. But here I am blogging late into night. Well, 9.15pm, but it’s after my shower and I just want to go to bed. So it is more blogging from the weight of th guilt than any real love to do so. Continue reading Freewriting vs winning

Freewriting vs headaches

Freewriting exercise today is going to be only 10 minutes strictly. I have been suffering with a headache that desperately wants to be a migraine today, and it is exhausting me. What I need to do is get away from a screen but I will not quit either! Continue reading Freewriting vs headaches

Freewriting vs avoidance

I just ate almost an entire bag of Walkers Mixups cheese flavour. It contains doritos, french fries, wotsits and monster munch. Arguably the greatest collection of crisp ever. It is a family pack size, and I probably shouldn’t have done that but HA because I feel no regret, no shame, no guilt at all whatsoever. Well, maybe a little bit of regret because my teeth hurt a bit now, but not too much. Continue reading Freewriting vs avoidance

Freewriting vs time

Today, freewriting comes from my phone. My lumia and I do not often get along, the only thing we truly agree on is that food should and will be photographed. And that’s only because the mud will stay still ling enough for the darn 1020 to stay on. But please forgive me as there will be off typos while I use a small touchscreen keypad and check everything tomorrow..
Continue reading Freewriting vs time

Freewriting vs Gardening

Today, I shall be freewriting about gardening. As I am currently having to do such a thing even though I hate it furiously. Nothing annoys me more than gardening, yet my parents own two allotments and my nan a plant nursery. Gardening is definitely not a biological thing then. If you are wondering why there has such a long break since my last freewriting, then excuses can already be found on my latest Nexplanon blog.  (Fantastic stock image from Pixabay) Continue reading Freewriting vs Gardening

Freewriting vs Trans Pennine Trail

I am typing this blog from the chair of absolute pain. No, we didn’t spend our weekend at the cinema with a certain Mr Grey followed by 50 shades of re-enactment, I infact went on a cycling date.

Now to many of you, that may sound blitheringly benign, but don’t misunderstand. Today I tackled a 28 mile round trip from Hull to Hornsea of the Trans Pennine Trail. Today, I rode a bike for 4 hours without break… having not ridden a bike in near a decade. Continue reading Freewriting vs Trans Pennine Trail

Karneval, ep01 – Review

So I noticed that Yen Press (one of the all time greatest manga publishers) was releasing ‘Karneval’ this March. The cover looks adorable. Why wouldn’t you want to look further into a book that has a boy-child in ripped clothing, covered in bandages and smiling against a background of butterfly silhouettes?

To the seasoned manga reader that isn’t as weird as it sounds. Continue reading Karneval, ep01 – Review

Freewriting Vs Writers Block

Writers block is the most terrible thing to overcome – because it doesn’t exist. And how do fight something that doesn’t exist?

If you followed me on Twitter pre-christmas you will be hyper aware that on weekends I partake in the #amwriting hashtag to gush about the novel i am writing. It’s going to be hit I’m telling you. Continue reading Freewriting Vs Writers Block

FREE Pokemon shuffle game on 3DS – Preview

Available in Europe. Full Press Release:

Hours of fun to be had at no cost with new Pokémon puzzle game—downloadable from Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

Match three or more Pokémon in a line to attack and progress through a variety of different stages. The aim of the game is to reduce the wild Pokémon’s HP to zero within the number of moves available. The best players will use traditional Pokémon type-matching skills to defeat the wild Pokémon efficiently and make capturing it easier. Continue reading FREE Pokemon shuffle game on 3DS – Preview

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@Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – Preview

 Why should you buy Pokemon Mega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire this winter? You know, other than being an impossibly obsessed addict who didn’t consider not buying it.

Remember Diancie who was kind of cute but a little bit too rocky to be cuddly? Meet Mega Diancie for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Continue reading @Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – Preview

Join the mayhem of Lost Saga! – Preview

WANT to brawl in beautiful anime style with characters from every fighting demographic one could dream of? Of course you do…

Nexon Europe is pleased to announce the opening of the new official Lost Saga website (, ahead of the game’s Open Beta Test, which starts at the end of April. Continue reading Join the mayhem of Lost Saga! – Preview

Catch Magmar or Electabuzz on X and Y in April! – Preview

The Pokemon Company International is offering a free Easter gift of Magmar on Pokemon X and Electabuzz for Pokemon Y  from April 4 for a limited time — and all you need to do to get them is visit your local Game store! Continue reading Catch Magmar or Electabuzz on X and Y in April! – Preview

Don’t give her an old bag — give a #TeaPod! – Preview

Anyone who knows me, knows I love tea. It’s true. And any true tea lover would want to find out about the latest invention on how to enjoy tea. Such as the remarkable new TeaPod. Continue reading Don’t give her an old bag — give a #TeaPod! – Preview

Frogs, Cats and Pyramids – Could there be a better title? – Preview

It is not often that a title alone can sell merchandise, but Tony Cleaver’s Frogs, Cats and Pyramids has probably already got your attention. Why not give into temptation and go buy it from recommended purchases? Continue reading Frogs, Cats and Pyramids – Could there be a better title? – Preview

@NetflixUK I choose you! Stream type @Pokemon – Preview

As of today, March 1 Pokemon fans across the Netflix streaming service will be able to get their dose of the adorable pocket monsters and the ever youthful Ash Ketchum. Continue reading @NetflixUK I choose you! Stream type @Pokemon – Preview

@InnocentDrinks warming our hearts, bottle tops and elders #BigKnit

innocent hat

So I have been busy with a myriad of life challenges, and my blog has suffered (and my health, but darn it this cold shall not win!). I have a few delightful posts on paper prepared, but to keep you going until I get around to typing it all up (on my decrepit laptop) here is the most wonderful digitally-knitted hat that could ever have been digitally knitted. Ever.

Oh, and it encouraged the delightful chaps and ladies of Innocent drinks to give 10p to Age UK. Why don’t you encourage them some more? Here.

Also, get the knit-addiction and start on next year’s #BigKnit batch. I hope enough people send them sheep that the entire population of Fruit Towers fall asleep while counting them. They can’t accept any more this year, so we all have plenty of time to perfect the crochet.

Four free to try – demos galore for 3DS – Review

Yatta! I finally own my very own Nintendo 3Ds. However… I can’t exactly justify spending on games for it just now. Thankfully Nintendo understood my problems… and makes demos available for download… you know, so you spend money anyway after getting addicted to a game.

Anyhoo. I never thought that I would want the 3D aspect but regrettably I must admit that I have fallen for its charm. It makes good graphics great, and for someone who loves packaging, gimmicks and the kawaii more than anything else, it just calls out to me like a siren.

So while my mind stays focused on saving rather than gaming, lets play demos!

First up - Fire Emblem: Awakening
First up – Fire Emblem: Awakening

First of all… Why can’t I be female? This demo sucks already because you can can’t customise at all! Why show me awesome things if I can’t have them!  I noticed Fire Emblem because TokoPop and NeoMagazine was raving about it, and I could understand why with the promised anime graphics (with proper animation and not just 2d still images) and a giant host of adorable characters (when I saw Henry I wanted to play it straight away, I don’t care about the story).


In the demo, there’s a lot of cutscenes, a lot. But they are cute and brilliantly animated. When I saw the battle interface I got worried, as grid like turn taking has put me off games before. However, the systematic tactical based warfare is actually quite fun.

The graphics really are very pretty. The promo material did not lie. If, like me, you are the kind of gamer who likes to watch the game then Fire Emblem: Awakening is definitely for you.

The demo doesn’t let you do much, it is quite limited, I feel Nintendo was a bit cruel in that respect. I know that the characters are all amusing (entertainment will not only be from playing the game) and you will be fighting zombies… but I have no idea how the game actually progresses, how you move, how you live or if there will be any chance of free exploration.

I give it 4/5 stars for full game excitement, because though the demo was dissapointing… its really pretty.

Demo two - Castlevania: Mirror of Fate
Demo two – Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

Oops I died. Yep, already. Ok Ok, so I’m actually really bad at games, I just enjoy the pretty! Saying that though… this game is awfully pretty… *happy sigh*. The little things, the details, the colours, the information text, design, outfits, its all so pretty. I can happily just look at ‘me’ on the screen.

However, me, whoever I am (it’s not told me) is very tiny. Am I happy? Am I sad? Do I have three noses and no ears? All these important things I do not know.

Oh Oh, I started clicking on sparkly iconson the screen and found out. I am Trevor Belmont. And I have a very snazy green coat… and a rather tragic back story.

Me and my glorious fashion sense.
Me and my glorious fashion sense.

Trevor also has an awesome whip like thing sword.

So back to me dying instantly, this game is still fun. On take two I beat the ugly monster. I uh totally didnt do it with just a sliver of health though *shifty eyes*.  You run into more enemies (the fourth) and button mash time (like I hadn’t been using that method all along anyway). I have no idea which buttons I pressed (as it was all of them) but I did an attack, and it went blue, and there was sparkles, and we were flying, then a flash and the monster died. It was great.

Then you are thrown into a boss battle with robo-minotaur of the dark ages with an otaku fetish for iron man. Lets call him Charles. Well, Charles is quite easy to hit and simple to evade with his obvious slow attacks, therefore, of course, he defeated me in about 20 seconds. Stop judging! It wasn’t my fault this time! Mum was doing the ironing next to me and she let a cloud of steam out right next to my head ;_; … and I accidentally forced Trevor to run into Charles and his meteor hammer of love. I guess Charles’ love was just too much for us.

There’s a purple sparkly prize just beyond Charles, but I have no great love for this game so retrying to find out what it is doesn’t really interest me. It has so much pretty and yet all I can do is run to the right and flash my whip. I love button mashing but I need free exploration! Why can’t all games be like Zelda and Assassins Creed…

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate gets 2/5 full game excitement. It looks great, and I know gamers and fans of the series will probably love it, but I know I would never have the stamina to complete it, or even get past Charles. It gets two stars just because it is really pretty… and Trevor’s coat is just so darn snazzy.

Free demo three is Shifting World

Don’t really know why I chose this basic looking monochromatic game… it looked off I guess. It’s a parallel dimension (real creative types figured out how to explain why a human is in a block world). I take a couple of steps and Jeeves arrives to guide me through controls. Jeeves is also know as Captain Obvious and Repeat. Don’t ever worry about remembering the story line, as Jeeves will tell you everytime you move. That might be because it’s the tutorial… but I still got annoyed. I just don’t trust Jeeves.

You can do a David Bowie Labyrinth move to help you solve the puzzles and get through the stage, which by default is cool. The demo puzzles are ridiculously simple, even the fifth one, which is the step out of the tutorial is easy to master. I gues they get more complicated as you progress, but to be honest, even at this level it’s already addictive. It’s simple, it’s easy and so attractively mind numbing. A great game to pass time on a train or after work.

Don't do it Larry... or whoever you are...
Don’t do it Larry… or whoever you are…

Just don’t lose concentration and think it’s fine to jump off a ledge. It’s not. And the game is petty enough to force you to do the level from the beginning.

Full game excitement is 1/5, it might be addictive but I got my fill from the demo.

Last demo is Virtue's Last Reward
Last demo is Virtue’s Last Reward

“Will you choose to ally or betray?”

Press the ‘on’ button… wait what. The opening credits are a total mind bomb. I have no idea what happened, only that it was pretty animation, tragic, beautiful, bloody… and I have a bad scary feeling… I want this game.

There are two options – novel and escape. Escape sounded fun so I tried it, but I think all it did was to miss out some cutscenes. Ahwell. My name is Sigma. Ok. I have to escape. Ok. Now I’m calling someone. Ok. Why do I still feel scared?

The opening of the game really sets you up to be distrustful and expectations are high. It is first person, which I normally hate, but it only intensifies the aforementioned expectation. The demo gives pretty direct hints on how to solve the riddles. Such as, ‘this is foil. the foil goes in the drawer in room one.’  Can it really just be called a hint? It is described as demo hint, so maybe the full game will not be so obvious.

“Still can’t help talking like a cat when I talk about cats”

The script in this game is fantastic, and quite unexpected. The game is like an RPG puzzle solving game… with friends that don’t like you. I say don’t like, I think you can be a bit of a douche. Your a guy, and your with two girls… figures. Your also a bit pervy. Oh you.

It is fun though. There is a lot of loading time and moving about, returning to rooms and what not, which gets frustrating, especially when you expect things to jump out. I want security it that I will be able to run away quickly… but alas, I think this game is about ruining safe feelings. It might just be a game where you touch things on the screen but it is a definite step up from those finding objects games. I hate those games. But I rather like this. The graphics are pleasant (anime quality) and the script really does make you chuckle. The puzzles are a little obvious… but I guess that depends on how you think. I understood a puzzle straight away but it still took me a good half hour to actually pass as I was thinking about it oo hard.

What does it mean...
What does it mean…

This game is full of puzzles, intrigue, cat puns and anime, what more do you need in life? Though it is probably best not to be tired as the puzzles are annoying when you aren’t thinking straight. Excitement for the full game is 5/5.