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Menstrual cups: Hippy fad or a better friend than diamonds?

Seeing how popular my nexplanon blog was, it is apparent there is just not enough real life experiences of menses on the internet. There is lots of content on the subject, but not enough. But then, why would there be? It’s not like it happens once a month to half the world’s population. Continue reading Menstrual cups: Hippy fad or a better friend than diamonds?

Nexplanon – lets talk acne, blood and anxiety.

This article will be quite an in-depth, and possibly graphic, account of my personal experience of having the Nexplanon contraceptive implant for the last six months. I have been suffering with quite a few of the listed ‘side effects’ but at the same time there has been external factors that can also trigger them. One thing I can promise is in this post is blood. Lots of blood. If you didn’t think periods were involved with the Nexplanon contraceptive implant, then sorry dear you are quite the idiot. If you don’t want to talk or read about period blood, menses, flow, pads, tampons and all the like, then leave now.

But can I just ask why? As there is nothing more natural. And if you happen to be a guy with or without a female partner, this postΒ  will also be important for you because the Nexplanon doesn’t just have side effects for the girl with it in her upper arm, it has dire consequences for everyone around her. Read on to find out. Continue reading Nexplanon – lets talk acne, blood and anxiety.

Freewriting vs Trans Pennine Trail

I am typing this blog from the chair of absolute pain. No, we didn’t spend our weekend at the cinema with a certain Mr Grey followed by 50 shades of re-enactment, I infact went on a cycling date.

Now to many of you, that may sound blitheringly benign, but don’t misunderstand. Today I tackled a 28 mile round trip from Hull to Hornsea of the Trans Pennine Trail. Today, I rode a bike for 4 hours without break… having not ridden a bike in near a decade. Continue reading Freewriting vs Trans Pennine Trail