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A Wild Pokemon Game Appeared – Review

There actually exists a Pokemon game that I do not absolutely love. Continue reading A Wild Pokemon Game Appeared – Review

Pokemon Shuffle – review

Our quest to catch them all is no longer just a collecting adventure. Pokemon gaming comes in all shapes and sizes; we can be Pikachu and raid tombs, we can catch their portraits in art academy, we can even be rangers and just take photographs.  The newest way to catch all the Pokemon is with Pokemon Shuffle, a free to download Nintendo 3DS game. Continue reading Pokemon Shuffle – review

FREE Pokemon shuffle game on 3DS – Preview

Available in Europe. Full Press Release:

Hours of fun to be had at no cost with new Pokémon puzzle game—downloadable from Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

Match three or more Pokémon in a line to attack and progress through a variety of different stages. The aim of the game is to reduce the wild Pokémon’s HP to zero within the number of moves available. The best players will use traditional Pokémon type-matching skills to defeat the wild Pokémon efficiently and make capturing it easier. Continue reading FREE Pokemon shuffle game on 3DS – Preview

@Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – Preview

 Why should you buy Pokemon Mega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire this winter? You know, other than being an impossibly obsessed addict who didn’t consider not buying it.

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Four free to try: Braving the demos – Review

Nintendo eShop on the 3DS is generous with demos for games. I have had the pleasure of sampling four games this week: Continue reading Four free to try: Braving the demos – Review

Four free to try – demos galore for 3DS – Review

Yatta! I finally own my very own Nintendo 3Ds. However… I can’t exactly justify spending on games for it just now. Thankfully Nintendo understood my problems… and makes demos available for download… you know, so you spend money anyway after getting addicted to a game.

Anyhoo. I never thought that I would want the 3D aspect but regrettably I must admit that I have fallen for its charm. It makes good graphics great, and for someone who loves packaging, gimmicks and the kawaii more than anything else, it just calls out to me like a siren.

So while my mind stays focused on saving rather than gaming, lets play demos!

First up - Fire Emblem: Awakening
First up – Fire Emblem: Awakening

First of all… Why can’t I be female? This demo sucks already because you can can’t customise at all! Why show me awesome things if I can’t have them!  I noticed Fire Emblem because TokoPop and NeoMagazine was raving about it, and I could understand why with the promised anime graphics (with proper animation and not just 2d still images) and a giant host of adorable characters (when I saw Henry I wanted to play it straight away, I don’t care about the story).


In the demo, there’s a lot of cutscenes, a lot. But they are cute and brilliantly animated. When I saw the battle interface I got worried, as grid like turn taking has put me off games before. However, the systematic tactical based warfare is actually quite fun.

The graphics really are very pretty. The promo material did not lie. If, like me, you are the kind of gamer who likes to watch the game then Fire Emblem: Awakening is definitely for you.

The demo doesn’t let you do much, it is quite limited, I feel Nintendo was a bit cruel in that respect. I know that the characters are all amusing (entertainment will not only be from playing the game) and you will be fighting zombies… but I have no idea how the game actually progresses, how you move, how you live or if there will be any chance of free exploration.

I give it 4/5 stars for full game excitement, because though the demo was dissapointing… its really pretty.

Demo two - Castlevania: Mirror of Fate
Demo two – Castlevania: Mirror of Fate

Oops I died. Yep, already. Ok Ok, so I’m actually really bad at games, I just enjoy the pretty! Saying that though… this game is awfully pretty… *happy sigh*. The little things, the details, the colours, the information text, design, outfits, its all so pretty. I can happily just look at ‘me’ on the screen.

However, me, whoever I am (it’s not told me) is very tiny. Am I happy? Am I sad? Do I have three noses and no ears? All these important things I do not know.

Oh Oh, I started clicking on sparkly iconson the screen and found out. I am Trevor Belmont. And I have a very snazy green coat… and a rather tragic back story.

Me and my glorious fashion sense.
Me and my glorious fashion sense.

Trevor also has an awesome whip like thing sword.

So back to me dying instantly, this game is still fun. On take two I beat the ugly monster. I uh totally didnt do it with just a sliver of health though *shifty eyes*.  You run into more enemies (the fourth) and button mash time (like I hadn’t been using that method all along anyway). I have no idea which buttons I pressed (as it was all of them) but I did an attack, and it went blue, and there was sparkles, and we were flying, then a flash and the monster died. It was great.

Then you are thrown into a boss battle with robo-minotaur of the dark ages with an otaku fetish for iron man. Lets call him Charles. Well, Charles is quite easy to hit and simple to evade with his obvious slow attacks, therefore, of course, he defeated me in about 20 seconds. Stop judging! It wasn’t my fault this time! Mum was doing the ironing next to me and she let a cloud of steam out right next to my head ;_; … and I accidentally forced Trevor to run into Charles and his meteor hammer of love. I guess Charles’ love was just too much for us.

There’s a purple sparkly prize just beyond Charles, but I have no great love for this game so retrying to find out what it is doesn’t really interest me. It has so much pretty and yet all I can do is run to the right and flash my whip. I love button mashing but I need free exploration! Why can’t all games be like Zelda and Assassins Creed…

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate gets 2/5 full game excitement. It looks great, and I know gamers and fans of the series will probably love it, but I know I would never have the stamina to complete it, or even get past Charles. It gets two stars just because it is really pretty… and Trevor’s coat is just so darn snazzy.

Free demo three is Shifting World

Don’t really know why I chose this basic looking monochromatic game… it looked off I guess. It’s a parallel dimension (real creative types figured out how to explain why a human is in a block world). I take a couple of steps and Jeeves arrives to guide me through controls. Jeeves is also know as Captain Obvious and Repeat. Don’t ever worry about remembering the story line, as Jeeves will tell you everytime you move. That might be because it’s the tutorial… but I still got annoyed. I just don’t trust Jeeves.

You can do a David Bowie Labyrinth move to help you solve the puzzles and get through the stage, which by default is cool. The demo puzzles are ridiculously simple, even the fifth one, which is the step out of the tutorial is easy to master. I gues they get more complicated as you progress, but to be honest, even at this level it’s already addictive. It’s simple, it’s easy and so attractively mind numbing. A great game to pass time on a train or after work.

Don't do it Larry... or whoever you are...
Don’t do it Larry… or whoever you are…

Just don’t lose concentration and think it’s fine to jump off a ledge. It’s not. And the game is petty enough to force you to do the level from the beginning.

Full game excitement is 1/5, it might be addictive but I got my fill from the demo.

Last demo is Virtue's Last Reward
Last demo is Virtue’s Last Reward

“Will you choose to ally or betray?”

Press the ‘on’ button… wait what. The opening credits are a total mind bomb. I have no idea what happened, only that it was pretty animation, tragic, beautiful, bloody… and I have a bad scary feeling… I want this game.

There are two options – novel and escape. Escape sounded fun so I tried it, but I think all it did was to miss out some cutscenes. Ahwell. My name is Sigma. Ok. I have to escape. Ok. Now I’m calling someone. Ok. Why do I still feel scared?

The opening of the game really sets you up to be distrustful and expectations are high. It is first person, which I normally hate, but it only intensifies the aforementioned expectation. The demo gives pretty direct hints on how to solve the riddles. Such as, ‘this is foil. the foil goes in the drawer in room one.’  Can it really just be called a hint? It is described as demo hint, so maybe the full game will not be so obvious.

“Still can’t help talking like a cat when I talk about cats”

The script in this game is fantastic, and quite unexpected. The game is like an RPG puzzle solving game… with friends that don’t like you. I say don’t like, I think you can be a bit of a douche. Your a guy, and your with two girls… figures. Your also a bit pervy. Oh you.

It is fun though. There is a lot of loading time and moving about, returning to rooms and what not, which gets frustrating, especially when you expect things to jump out. I want security it that I will be able to run away quickly… but alas, I think this game is about ruining safe feelings. It might just be a game where you touch things on the screen but it is a definite step up from those finding objects games. I hate those games. But I rather like this. The graphics are pleasant (anime quality) and the script really does make you chuckle. The puzzles are a little obvious… but I guess that depends on how you think. I understood a puzzle straight away but it still took me a good half hour to actually pass as I was thinking about it oo hard.

What does it mean...
What does it mean…

This game is full of puzzles, intrigue, cat puns and anime, what more do you need in life? Though it is probably best not to be tired as the puzzles are annoying when you aren’t thinking straight. Excitement for the full game is 5/5.


X Blades: former cowgirls getting godly.

I knew it was a good game when the winged dinosaur in a steam punk mask that was running towards me suddenly veered left and casually walked up the wall. His mate ran in a circle to my right and even when I started to hack and slash they were confused at best. Then we all had a kind of party where all the steam punk dinosaurs came to the garden and created a mosh pit.

Then a big red ball of light chased us all and security threw me out.


Just don't expect much: in story, in adventure, in clothes...

I haven’t reviewed anything in a while, and due to the fact I and my housemate can’t be trusted with spare money and access to Amazon, I have a couple new old games for the ol’ Xbox 360. I felt good today so, naturally, I thought I would test run a bikini clad, former cowgirl with an illicit affair with gun swords. But not just one, TWO; for those days that you just feel so bad ass you need to have two swords that can shoot infinite ammo.

I’m not going to lie to you, I just entered level Three. Some of you may think that level three isn’t far enough into a game to know what I’m talking about… well, to be fair it isn’t. But I am not the hack and slash girl you are assuming me to be, I like a storyline to avoid so as soon as I write this I am going back to Fable 2.

The cover of X Blades states that in a pretty environment the heroin (bikini clad former cowgirl) is searching for some treasure that blah blah and destroys the earth and blah blah blah so you have to continuously kill things to find out why. It sounded fun, and if you like button mashing then it is pretty good. The game requires no skill or strategy, only patience and a vibrating thumb joint.

It is kinder to the player than most games, rather than having objects strewn about to destroy in order to obtain health and MP (although apparently there are) you can fight your victims to build up rage (equivalent to MP), sacrifice souls of fallen prey (but you need this to power up spells and weapons so don’t do it too often) or my personal technique, just stand around and hold down the spell button, the rage/frustration builds as she just throws magic at the bad flies, killing them instantly.

Please note, that last trick only works if you have enough health to not die whilst building up rage; otherwise you are rather screwed.


Who's an adorable half a dinosaur?

My favourite part of the game though has to be the consequence of mass combos. I am a girl, thus, I love it when people are calling me stunning, incredible, perfect, spectacular, unstoppable… wait what.

The first levels are ridiculously easy, but to get the decent spells it is telling me I need a lottery win worth of souls (each monster is one soul) so it will definitely get harder pretty soon.

May not be the greatest game in the world, but if you want something to do in short bursts with a pretty scenery and a casual regard to a storyline (with two possible endings!), or maybe you are partial to bikini clad former cowgirls that wear cat ear type hair clips. Did I mention she has an awesome weapon? Try out X Blades, to me, it’s more fun than Thor (the video game, not drinking the game, one does not simply beat the Thor drinking game).

A waste of time not worth my time.

TripleTown on Google+ games. What is it? Thats is the only question that encouraged me to click on that odd squircle shaped link with an ugly square bear scowling at me.

I assumed it would be like a sim game, and it is but it isn’t.

You need to group grass, bushes, and trees into threes to upgrade them through the ranks until you get a house (three trees). The object of the game is to get the required number of points before you run out of space. I think.

I was only messing around at first, I hadn’t even realised that my moves were being scored until a pop-up came and told me I was to move onto the next level; and I was no longer able to play with my first town. That puzzle was done (albeit terribly) and was not to be looked at again.

Each level, as it were, will be to build a new town, either from scatch or it will already have a couple houses. Each new land will have another obstacle. The first is WILD BEARS, and we are given the task to kill them by trapping them into a single spot. Three gravestones get you a church. The bears don’t really do anything other than attempt to growl and dance when getting in your way so you can’t make your three in a row bushes. No trees for you. Unless you want to MURDER INNOCENT BEARS for the sake of silly little humans that bobble around on screen and never help.

The game is fun as a way to pass a single minute by trapping bears and getting combos but the levels are strict and they move you on when you might still be having fun. It may just be my stupidity but I was really terrible at getting the required points and kept messing up my own tactics on making houses. I made one big house without realising and attempted to re-enact my luck but to no avail.

When you pass the first three explanation puzzles you actually get into the game. You are now given things called Bots to destroy anything in your path, including bears. They are also your only weapon against NINJA bears that can teleport to any free square, thus, you cannot trap them.

I don’t know the exact way of getting these bots, I wasn’t paying attention, but at one point I was just given bears and bots and no greenery. It wasn’t until I had two squares left that I realised using a Bot actually took away your points. At this point I had destroyed two churches, three gravestones, a tree and some grass just for fun. It seems like a horrible metaphor that advancement in technology is actually destroying our civilisation and sending us into dismay and depression. Not a very sweet moral for a kids game…

I conclude that this game is probably for kids and lonely mums and not for me, a 21 year old student who is too aloof for simple puzzle games. I much prefer something more complex and forces me to ask for help; its more social.

Do you allow your friend to remove themselves from reality and live in #Skyrim?

Yes. Yes you do.


Thanks to undeserved good karma my housemate has managed to start playing Skyrim a day earlier than release, and I must say it is rather good.

For over a week he has bored me with “the trees are going to be amazing, each branch has a different weight and so wind moves it differently!” He was right to brag of this excitement as the graphics truly are pretty; it is one of the best CGI I have seen. Very much like that used in 10’000BC, it gives the player a very realistic game play; which could be bad as reality for the past four hours has only been in Skyrim for both he and I and we are yet to have the intention to come back to Earth.

I will admit my only knowledge of this series, The Elder Scrolls; Skyrim being the 5th is only from the mad dribble of rants from aforementioned housemate. It is an optional 3rd/1st person sword fighting RPG. I normally really hate 1st person shooters, but watching a 1st person sword fight is a little more fun.

At the beginning you can choose to be from one of several races, as much as I begged, Daniel, my housemate, would not choose Khajiit, a beautiful cat type human. Instead he went for Nordic, the main race of Skyrim. From a mutual love of Eric of Trueblood we fashioned the character after him, name and all.

We spent 30 minutes perfecting his chin.

There is magic and you steal weapons and all sorts along your journey. It is all quite interesting, there is always something to do, from hunting deer to picking locks and so it is not boring for either player or onlooker.

The best feature of this game; that makes it exhilarating even for those times the player is overwhelmed, is the randomisation. Except for few major points in the plot anything can happen. You can kill people vital to speak to by them getting in the way when a freak Sabretooth tiger attacks you mid conversation. Although we have yet to reach this point in the storyline, unscripted Dragons can appear at any moment to, in Daniel’s words “Fuck shit up.” I wait for this moment with unsheathed excitement.

They have the power to ruin or to save... both ending with utter destruction.

Another example of this wonderful randomisation is when Daniel had to reload due to death by bandits. However on this attempt up the mountain path he ran into two vampires, barely escaping again he carried on his way until the sun came up which then the game told him “You feel weaker as the sun rises.” After checking we find out Eric has been stricken with Sanguinus Vampirus. Be it fate because we fashioned it on a vampire, but Eric was now becoming a vampire. Unsure of what this means for the rest of the game Daniel is just continuing. I am pleased with these turn of events. Mwahaha.

The hardest part encountered so far would be the most important quest, to find the ‘Greybeards.’ It is only difficult as there is no real direction on how to get to them, just a point on the map at the top of a mountain that no matter how many times Daniel circles, the hills are too steep to climb. And now hired thugs keep chasing him.

You may be wondering why the beginning of this review says to allow friends to buy this game, be it you boyfriend, husband, son, brother, best friend, or even yourself. If you are still unsold you have yet to realise how tense this game is. It will raise your adrenalin; both Daniel and I were hunched over the edge of our seats as he was burgling a house at night, pick pocketing a sleeping man. OK so that part might not be really part of the game, but side quests is what makes a game fun.

Trust my word as an avid game onlooker; it is amusing to watch Skyrim. Never have I seen such excitement and fury on one boys face. Whether I will be enjoying this in the next three hours when Daniel still can’t get to the greybeards… I do not know.

FOR MORE  read the review from the other unwilling Housemate that Skyrim eventually won over. She even has the cure for vampirism.

EDIT: one hour later: Eric is now a fully fledged Vampire, he is immune to illness and frost but weak against Fire. Oh he also can’t use magic in daylight. And bandits attacked in daylight… ha.

EDIT: two hours later: thanks to another housemate the 7000 steps have now been found. Onward to the Greybeards!

Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Warning: I do not know or understand the gaming world or culture. I am a novice in love. Forgive me, agree with me, laugh with me but not at me.

I do not own and have rights to any image used. Thanks to they are now here. Mwahaha.

Game: ZELDA; spirit tracks.

Platform: Nintendo DS lite.

Status: Completed except for final battle.

Link is in his Windwaker form; cute and chibi, and gets a train to travel with. Not as cute and interactive as a talking boat or a horse but what are you going to do? You travel to the castle and meet Zelda, who then convinces you to sneak her out the castle to go see a tower where an evil creature resides.

¬_¬ Yes, what a fabulous idea, Zelda.

In previous arcs, Zelda was worthy of the wisdom triforce, but there is little mention of the pendant in this game. Good thing really with the stupidity and annoyance brought on by Zelda.

Zelda is then separated spirit from body and Link agrees to assist her in getting it back; to do so you need to travel and vanquish demons in temples, yatta yatta, bla bla… you can always rely on the same story line.

Saying that, I will never bore of this storyline. :3

The intriguing inclusion of the DS platform is the microphone. Which, I found, as a 21 year old sitting next to a friend quite embarrassing but children would love it. There is usually an instrument in Zelda, in spirit tracks it is panpipes, using the stylus to move the panpipes side to side you have to blow into the microphone to play it. Fun, but as I said, a little embarrassing for a 21 year old to do. There was also a point where I had to speak, wish I found that bit when I was playing alone. But the good friends I have thought it was great and we all were speaking utter nonsense into it! Some of the items and weapons you use will also require the microphone to use.

Be prepared to travel back and forth a lot. There are a few minor missions where you have to pay attention to the train signs along the tracks. And there is an excellent side game, such as golden skultulla in ocarina of time, and the market stall in windwaker, which is catching rabbits. :3

When you get bombs and have visited the rabbit rescue centre to obtain the net (after first temple) you are able to blow up rocks that rabbits hide behind and then using the stylus you try and catch them. I probably catch them on a fluke, you get 10 seconds to try and net them but they move quickly and the net drops slowly. All in all it is fun and when you take them back to the centre you can run around and find all of them. ^__^

The temples are short; there is no need for compass and map chests so you just have to figure out all the clues and riddles to obtain whatever object you need. Once the object is found the next door pretty much leads you to the master key and the boss door. There are often shadow hands trying to steal your key in each of the temples. Some are easily ran past, others are not.

After each temple you have to return to the Tower from the beginning of the story and obtain the next part of the map. This tower is like a mini dungeon each time you enter, and it is also what makes spirit tracks partly unique. I say partly because it is where you are able to control Zelda, you are able to control character others than link in other games (mind control in Windwaker) but she can attack, which is new and fun. Link is vulnerable whilst you try and ‘draw’ a path for Zelda, and she is a complete moron, being easily knocked off course if you do not draw the line neatly away from a wall. But with a bit of practise with the stylus it gets easier and is quite fun.

This game is completely suitable for little ones, it tells the story of Zelda a few generations after windwaker, and the characters are as amusing as ever. A little different to how I normally play but when you get into the story it is impossible not to love Zelda.

The final battle, as usual, has three parts, the first part was annoying when I didn’t quite realise I was meant to be throwing bombs in his face and just kept trying to get out of the way instead and then dying- thus having to repeat a few times 😦 otherwise it was fun. The second was easy but trivial and I am yet to complete the third, although I was THIS CLOSE!!!! ¬_¬ I will kill that damn demon. Mark my words; his belching rocks will not kill me THIS time!

^__^ Have fun falling in love.