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Cosplay is costume roleplay. There is a fantastic movement, an entire civilisation unto its own that embraces cosplay. The quickest google search will show how much talent goes into this; my efforts are laughable compared to most. But I have fun :D

Absolute Boyfriend

I just finished making a suprise present for my Boyfriend. He never reads my blog so it’s fine that I am posting it before giving it to him, plus I am giving it to him tomorrow. No Worries.

Click on the picture to buy your own copy of Absolute Boyfriend on!

This is the mood ring that Night Tenjo wears in Absolute Boyfriend; a manga by Yuu Watase.

The basic storyline is that a high school girl, Riiko, who can’t get a boyfriend happens across a website where she can buy one, or have a three day free trial. She tries it out and the robot boy, Night Tenjo, is head over heels obsessed with her.

He wears a ring that will show the emotions of Riiko, like a mood ring, so he knows when she is happy/sad/angry/ pleasured; however he does not know why.

Making a couple complications in her life and some fine print she missed on the contract, Night ends up going to school with her to learn more about women, and more about Riiko. Thus allowing a great deal of comical capers to ensue.

The Manga is wonderful, and so beautifully drawn, I don’t care if Night and Soshi are just 2d pictures on a page I am in Love.

Whilst reading another Manga I passed Absolute Boyfriend over to my Boyfriend, as the character was rather like him and I thought he would enjoy it.

He did. He enjoyed it so much that he did the Absolute Boyfriend Boy in a box parcel to me on my birthday. ^^

But with my insatiable love for Cosplay Being cling filmed in a cardboard box is not enough, and out of a mood ring, craft clay stuff and silver paint I created the ring.

♥♥ Gaara of the Sand ♥♥ from Naruto

Might not be the best costume in the world but Gaara is my favourite anime character in TEH WURLD. ♥

It took over an hour to get rid of my eyebrows (thanks to this man ) and to put blue contacts in.

The thing I hated about this costume though was I couldn’t dance ;___; I am sewn/tied/ pinned/willed into this costume. And I was not leaving my gourd behind.

I was only recognised by three people on Halloween 2010. And other ignorant fools called me ‘peanut’ ‘vinegar bottle’ and a ‘monkey.’


I pretty much convinced Daniel to walk around in a cut up bath robe. Mwa ha ha. But I am so proud of him taking 6 hours sewing all the orange braid on himself. ♥

Amy of Soul Calibur 4

It’s a shame no photos got my shoes as they looked rather snazzy. ;D I should probably make a point of doing photo shoots with each costume, and dressing it up perfectly, rather than just letting all the photos belong to the drunken camera holder of the party…

I am rather quite proud of this costume, I wore the dress the next day too :3 Capes should most definately come back into fashion! 😀

Teddy Persona 4


Teddy is an adorable character from a playstation 2 game Persona 4. We convinced our friend Ben that he wanted to be Teddy. Our main problem was not the beautiful face, I think we got that down, but rather the very non-human non-gangly shape that Teddy is and Ben is not…

In the end on the night that we were heading out to the party to show our efforts we tried sewing Ben into the costume along with a LOT of stuffing… and he was so bored and restless holding still that long we forgot to attach the white front and the zipper that was all prepared… *sigh*

Sailor Mercury

It’s semi the right pose… ;D