The Crush Saga Book 1 by Chrissy Peebles – Review

If you like paranormal romance, particularly if you like it since the boom of Twilight and True Blood, then Chrissy Peebles is your kind of author. I read Crush, book 1 of the Crush Saga, as part of a free anthology I downloaded off Amazon. With these anthologies, it is often hit or miss, and Peebles’ cute little novel was definitely a hit.

It’s a Young Adult novel of only about 260 pages, so easily read in a day or less. We follow 17-year-old Taylor as she moves to some picturesque lake town in California from the Big Apple. The only part of New York that we talk about though is a rather horrible ex left behind, and even then, he is soon forgotten when the new hottie walks into the scene: 17-year-old Jesse, who isn’t all that natural…

Crush is so obviously a homage to all the popular vampire-esque things that are around right now, mentioning Twilight and Lestat by name and even a little hat-tip toward 50 Shades. The linear storyline is so similar to a variety of popular vampire books it is easy to see where Peebles’ inspiration came from. And Crush is all the better for it. I am a huge fan of the paranormal, but Crush doesn’t take itself too seriously. Taunting it’s own genre and how the audience reacts to it, yet making a fun story that is easy to follow.

This is part of a large several-book saga, so the word vampire doesn’t enter book 1 until quite far, even so, Peebles loved dropping hints and puns the entire way through. That side of the story is so obvious it hurts to watch the oblivious characters. Bless them. The idea of vampires and sweet-seventeen crushes though is just the fun part, and not the plot. There is something bigger for Taylor and destiny and heritage is bound to roll in at some point in these books. The way this is written is quite exciting, and makes you want to know more and how it will affect the rest of the storyline. Personally, I’m a sucker for all-powerful entities, so anything that shouts destiny and big explosions has me hooked.

Peebles’ writing style is comfortable and easygoing. It is written for a younger audience, so of course some passages could do with more meat, but alas, that’s the price you pay for YA. Taylor reminded me of how as a 17-year-old you overthink, ignore responsibility and authority most of the time, hanging with your friends is the best thing ever, and you can still dream of career pursuits that don’t secure a mortgage (ah to be young) but are mature enough to grab the kitchen cleaver when a guy a ski mask is hanging around your house. Wait what.

As a paranormal YA read I would recommend Crush for a relaxing, short read. It’s fun, it’s a little feisty, and it has potential.


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