Freewriting vs avoidance

I just ate almost an entire bag of Walkers Mixups cheese flavour. It contains doritos, french fries, wotsits and monster munch. Arguably the greatest collection of crisp ever. It is a family pack size, and I probably shouldn’t have done that but HA because I feel no regret, no shame, no guilt at all whatsoever. Well, maybe a little bit of regret because my teeth hurt a bit now, but not too much.*Another fantastic stock image from I searched ‘avoidance’ and this is what came up.

Also my water is off. Possibly low pressure, and I don’t know what to do but just ignore that I am in a house with no running water and instead eat crisp and blog. I will do a blog that has some substance (not like those hollow, air puffed, delicious crisps) at some point in the very near future. I have a blog giveaway planned for some MANGA, which should be exciting.

But what does this have to do with avoidance today? Well, it actually has everything to do with avoidance, because all of this is avoidance. Yup, that’s right. I still need to do gardening. Apparently it is national gardening week to boot. I did garden for about two hours after work yesterday, and successfully dug up an entire trench. But when I got round to forking all the clumps to make it soft, it suddenly was more work and I got bored real quick. Now sitting in my kitchen, looking out the window onto the patch of dug up soil mud, I know what needs to be done, and I do not want to do it.

My first avoidance was that I needed to pee. So I went and did my business, as you would. That is a legit case of avoidance even just for a moment. Then, while washing my hands all lathered in soap, I found out the water was not running. After rushing to the kitchen, downstairs was, thankfully, running. So nice clean hands, and no longer a full bladder, I took a look at the window and thought I best do something about this water.

I opened the boiler cupboard, nodded as though that would change anything or help me understand. Closed it and walked away. I carried my Nintendo DS downstairs for absolutely NO reason. My next avoidance was the delicious, delicious cheesy crisp. Of which I have been sitting down and eating for half and hour while I text my mum saying that I am eating a giant bag of crisp to myself. She laughed. Well, she wrote haha, whether she laughed I may never know.

Anyway, my next avoidance was to google aforementioned water problems. After arguing with google about the existence of my postcode, we came to the conclusion there is a current investigation into low water pressure, updated one hour ago, from down the road. So we are in a process of ‘sit and wait’ right now.

This blog is another avoidance. And I am not paying strictly to the freewriting rules, because I keep trying to amend typos as I go. But you can’t blame me because my sleeve/thumb keeps touching the mousepad and my sentences start in the middle of the previous paragraph. We aren’t getting anywhere like that!

So, as I sit here, avoiding, I can only wonder. If avoidance a good thing? If you really don’t want to do something, you shouldn’t force yourself. Particularly if you have a sharp pain in your back, elbow and belly. But also, just mentally. If you don’t want to, and the world shall survive if your don’t do it right that instant, a little procrastination never hurt nobody. As long as avoidance is just procrastination, because procrastination does get done eventually. Eternal avoidance is bad. Unless it’s tax, then that’s just clever. But alas, we can’t all be clever and tax does pay for some good things. So if I can’t avoid my tax today, at least I can avoid the garden and eat family size bags of crisp in peace.

**Update, just as I was about to publish, the water came back on. HUZZAH.


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