Freewriting vs time

Today, freewriting comes from my phone. My lumia and I do not often get along, the only thing we truly agree on is that food should and will be photographed. And that’s only because the mud will stay still ling enough for the darn 1020 to stay on. But please forgive me as there will be off typos while I use a small touchscreen keypad and check everything tomorrow..

So if it is going to be such a hassle why must I post tonight? Why not tomorrow. Well the freewriting / I think therefore I am/ cogito ergo sum posts are part of my personal self prescribed therapy. Also updated blogs get a better SEO rep. But more therapy. You see, writing is hard. Sometimes a lot harder tha. Just reading. It is particularly difficult when the stupid WordPress app on your stupid Windows Lumia phone doesn’t scroll with the writing in the new post text box and you are left to type blind on an annoying touchscreen pad. But oh well.
Writing is hard. But, like most things we humans force ourselves to do. Practice makes perfect, and doing it often will build the writing muscles. No not the odd stretchy part of my thumbs, nor the wrist, but rather the proverbial muscle of the mind. Imagination is a creature of habit. The mote we exercise her, the stronger she gets.
But yes, why am I making life awkward for myself by posting on my phone and not my laptop? I had planned to post earlier but was working, then when I got home I spent two hours in the garden, diggingg, then I cooked dinner, then I had to glue an ear on a rabbit and create a masking tape based contraption to hold it all in place overnight (let us pray it is working). After all this it was hair wash night, but also leg shave day and I felt like using that stupid hair removal cream. Well anyway at the end of all this I got into bed. I thought well I will just post tomorrow. But isn’t that against the point?
Yes. Yes it is. So I am posting now, because I do have time. But it is much too cold to navigate the shadows to my laptop in another part of the house (bedroom ban on computers) but I have the convenience of mu phone underneath a blanket. That way I haven’t wasted mo ey on a good for nothing phone as it finally has purpose other than my instagram tool for food, but also I have kept my blog posting promise to myself.

So sorry about the typos, I literally have t been able to see since the second paragraph.

Also I am on bloglovin now! Wooo. But more of that when I have a desktop.
Make time for something you want to do everyday. We all have more time than we give ourselves credit for. *particularly time for breakfast.


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