Don’t give her an old bag — give a #TeaPod! – Preview

Anyone who knows me, knows I love tea. It’s true. And any true tea lover would want to find out about the latest invention on how to enjoy tea. Such as the remarkable new TeaPod.

The fantastic people at Bistrotea have created a new, easy way to enjoy a cup of organic, fair trade tea. No drips, no spoon, no hassle; just boiling water and your favourite cup needed. The pod itself is completely recyclable, making it for a greener cup of tea – whether you prefer black, red or herb infusions!

To top it off, they have a Mother’s Day offer to save 15%!

Click on the picture to follow the link

To make a cup of Bistrotea, you simply put the TeaPod in a cup, add boiling water and stir the TeaPod for a few minutes. You then let it stand for a minute to further infuse and then use the TeaPod to stir in your sugar and milk (if required when making English Breakfast Tea).

Each TeaPod is packed at point of origin using premium grade, organic tea leaves, harvested, selected and processed in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) on Fair Trade estates.


Eleven different blends are available, so there is a blend of tea to suit all tea lovers!
black teas: ~ english breakfast, earl grey and apple cinnamon
red teas: ~ jasmine lotus, strawberry and vanilla peach
green teas: ~ ginger, lemon grass and peppermint
herbal infusions: ~ fruit “goji” berry (caffeine free) and herbs n’ honey (caffeine free)

Bistroteas are available from and can be bought in nice cartons of 32 pods for £14.60 for the home, or they do some pretty sexy mahogany cases with 48 for £50 and more for hotels, businesses and offices. Either all one flavour, or a wonderful ‘favourites’ selection.


You might be thinking just under 50p per cup of tea seems crazy what with penny-teabags available out there –  but you are not just buying a delicious cup of tea, you are selling the hassle out of your life. These would be great for campers, caravaners, travellers or to keep in the car for those times of British need; and would look sleek and professional in any bed and breakfast or boardroom.

Also, Bistrotea is running a competition to win a year’s supply of tea! Get on over there and enter!


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