Frogs, Cats and Pyramids – Could there be a better title? – Preview

It is not often that a title alone can sell merchandise, but Tony Cleaver’s Frogs, Cats and Pyramids has probably already got your attention. Why not give into temptation and go buy it from recommended purchases?


Here is the blurb:

Imagine a group of people in a mountain retreat seeking to understand why we categorise knowledge into various academic disciplines, each with its own way of looking at reality. Mathematics; the Arts, Language; Humanities; Science; Computer Technology, and Religion, Faith and Ethics – that is the way we learn to see the world. Each discipline locks us into a way of seeing that separates us from other ways. Imagine a cynic, a professional thief who seeks only to exploit others. Imagine if a specialist academic wanted to tell a story, relate an adventure that in some way resonates with his or her way of seeing things. How would the mixed company enjoy these various ways of seeing the world?
Assorted characters who take you on travels through maths, science, language and literature like you never imagined in school. Ideal for final year students studying the ‘Theory of Knowledge’ core course in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Also the general reader interested in popular philosophy, introspection and the nature of knowledge.

There, doesn’t it sound great?

It is from John Hunt Publishing and part of Liberalis Books, which goes for the philosophical and classical education genre. It looks set to be a head spinner, but entirely intriguing. An interesting book to read on a train and then analyse all the people around you.

Author Cleaver is a journalist, teacher and a bit of an adventurer. He even likes to play cricket. Basically, he is the kind of guy you would gladly trust to follow into a mesmerising, philosophical black hole in which there may never be escape. Once you have thought, you will always think. And who wouldn’t want to keep thinking about cats?


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