My number is up – Review

Remember the book I found out about a couple weeks ago? Well now I own it, and it is wonderful.

Joey Yap has written Yi Number Oracle with the curious beginner in mind but it is more than accurate for the dabbling divinator, such as myself. You can buy it over on recommended purchases along with everything else I find fabulous.

yi numberAt first, reading the preface and into the introduction through to the how to use this book section, I thought Yap had switched his voice and become repetitive. Then with my lingering student analytic mind, I realised he had the perfect tone for his readers.

Yi Number Oracle is for the beginner numerologist – though do not be mistaken, Yi Jing is not all numerology, as Yap will vaguely say – and so, it’s non-fictitious introduction is split into three, the preface, the history and method, and the actual how to use the book. These three parts have three audiences, the doubtful, the eager and the impatient, with a tone akin to a teacher chatting with his students, rather than a flat, unapproachable book.

The doubtful who acquire this book would read each word with a cynical approach, and Yap draws them in with his intellectual start. He creates a plausible reason for astrology in everyday life, with scientific answers and business analogies.

For the curious, he gives background and history into the Yi Jing, yet still feeds the doubtful with how complicated the process is, how ‘he has done all the work’ so this book is easy to use, and explains it with mathematical certainty.

Finally, the impatient can jump right into the instructions, in clean, clear bullet points. This is a repeat of the previous page, just in a more direct format. The repetition is annoying for those who started at page one, but Yap knows his audience, many will have only just opened the book, and Yap is a professional. He will want his students to do this right and treat it with respect. Numerous times he outlines the criteria of how to use the Yi Jing. And rightly so.

The use of rhetoric questions, probing the cynical for any last doubts was more annoying than anything. But Yap stopped that after a page, so let’s not hold it against them.

Yi Jing is the understanding that all things have an affinity, including numbers and words that stick in your mind or you keep noticing. The magic number is FOUR. Use the last four digits, or last four letters, of any long numbers or words you find. This will lead you to one of the 384 Yaos made from the 64 hexagrams (a duo of trigrams, made from yin and yang lines).

Yap has so kindly made a very large table of numbers 0000 to 9999 so you don’t have to do the math yourself. Though he has gone to the trouble of explaining the math too, if you were so inclined. If you have a word, the alphabet runs through from 1 to 8, to attribute each letter with a digit (Yap has a table for this too).

One must have a question in mine, “an ambiguous question will receive an ambiguous answer” and you must avoid a yes no question. Ask a clear, open ended question. For example, do not ask Will be meeting be successful? But rather, What will the outcome of this meeting be?

To know which Yao number you need, you need four digits. It only works if you have been noticing a number or it has played on your mind, you can’t just pluck one from the air.

Just remember that divination of any kind if not for the faint of heart. I asked quite a serious question earlier, and had a negative reply (though it was constructive). It was not the answer I wanted, not did it fill me with confidence, but it was a sincere answer. And as Yap will tell you, you can’t ask again until you get the answer you want. A sincere question will get a sincere answer.

In conclusion, I feel this is a very good book for the aspiring divinator. It is a simplified version of a very ancient and traditional method which all should have in their repertoire. Emphasis on simplified; but it makes it easy going and you could dip in and out of it regularly for whenever a number gets in your head. One for the reference shelf.




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