What’s your number? Was finding Yi Number Oracle destiny? – Preview

I recently came upon this book, Yi Number Oracle by Joey Yap. As a love of the fantastical and avid fortune teller of sorts myself, I couldn’t help but be wholly intrigued.

I must confess, I am still quite the amateur, only having studied Tarot, Angel Cards, crystals and numerology thoroughly, though I have dabbled in runes, I Ching and tea leaves. I can also do personality readings of doodles. There are thousands of divination possibilities, so it was of no surprise that I had not heard of Yi Jing, which Mr Yap’s book simplifies. A Chinese number system, different to Doreen Virtue’s angel numbers and a different kettle of fish to your average birth date and name numerology.

yi number

The author:

Joey Yap is an author, speaker and consultant according to his website. As you have probably guessed, he consults on Feng Shui and Chinese astrology (BaZi). He has an impressive list of brands that have sought his advice and knowledge. Humans just love folklore, we can’t help ourselves. We have all derived from a culture of Gods, and no matter how many declare athiesm etc, professionals like Mr Yap and even amateurs like me will be an object of fascination to others.

From the website, I like Mr Yap, it is all serious and mute colours, no stereotypical purple found there. That wonderful little feeling called doubt will always niggle away at the mind when it comes to belief, but the serious tone of this website coupled with the thumbnail of the smiling author is enough to create trust. Though it probably helped that I was sold on the word oracle.

Mr Yap has a modest 180 items in his bookstore, including pillars of BaZi life analysis, there is also an assortment of calenders and planners. He knows how to market, and as a trained PR my respect for this man only grows. The guy also does books, courses and seminars on face reading. He only gets cooler. Infatuation aside, the writing style on his website is clear, concise, and very persuasive. It is free from other worldly mumbo jumbo, just real worlds that anyone with an interest could understand. Giving good hope for the book.

The book blurb:

Meaningful’ numbers demystified. Numbers are everywhere. On a car plate, receipt, hotel room door, price tag, the clock — everywhere. But do you ever feel that certain numbers call out to you? Are there any special combinations that keep reappearing in your life?

What if these numbers are trying to ‘tell’ you something, an answer to an important question that has been on your mind lately? The predictive power of numbers is now revealed in Joey Yap’s Yi Number Oracle, where he has streamlined, converted and simplified the practice of classical Yi Jing (Book of Changes) and presented it in an accessible approach for the novice. This book focuses on one of many divination methods of the Yi Jing, the 384 Yao numbers. The techniques of the Image and Numerology School system have been converted into a new, easy to use system, while the 64 Hexagrams and the 384 Yao definitions have been transliterated and adapted for modern day application. Now anyone can arrive at the correct Yao definition with this handy mini book. This book has taken out the complicated formulas and calculations for you. With a minimal level of technical expertise, you too can discover what answers ‘meaningful’ numbers may reveal about your life.

Highlights of this book include: A Yao Derivation Table for numbers 0000 to 9999; The 384 Yao definitions — answers to your questions; An abridged history and explanation of Yi Jing; My Yi Journal: record your life journey.Β  Written for the layman, this book makes an ideal introduction to the expansive study of Yi Jing.

The book:

I haven’t got my hands on the book yet. It is published by Joey Yap in July 2012 and is now being distributed in the UK by Gazelle Books, of Lancaster. Reviews on Amazon slate the kindle version, due to diagrams not converting properly to the device, and one person said it ‘was too short’ and not enough detail for serious readers. Though what they were expecting for a book which was described as simplifying and had an abridged history. To me, it was obvious from the start this book was for beginners to grasp the subject of Yi Jing, rather than intermediate and above.




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