Fairy and Rock type pokemon: Automatic yes or an uncuddly no? – Preview

All of us Pokemon Masters have our own ideas on what makes the greatest team: Endurance, brute strength, agility, type, or even beauty. My usual suspects revolve around the last two, but beauty will always win.

I know as soon as I get Pokemon X I will not want to do much else, so I have evaded it for the time being. But when I got wind of a new monster which was a rock a fairy type, how could I not look into it?

Meet Diancie.

First of all, she is pretty; but 60% of beauty is cuteness, and 70% of cuteness is cuddly. What is cuddly about a lump of granite? No matter what my old geologist house-mate will try to tell you, there is nothing.


Mythical Pokemon always get a couple uber moves that shatter all hope when you fight them, but never seem to be all that awesome when you use them. Though it sounds adorable Diancie rubs crystals together to protect and annhialate things, it seems a little longwinded. The Pokemon franchise is a turn based game, but attacks that need powering up can cost you the tournement.

I fear Diancie’s future would be to live in the computer and never gain a permanent place on the team. Time may prove that wrong, and Diancee will be as many kinds of awesome as Mew, but alas, granite in a night dress would still lose out to my Luxray, Mew (taught him surf) and Arcanine.



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