Which princess will the princess lover pick? – Review

You never need look very far to find an anime or manga centralised on a revenge plot, often becoming an orphan or as good as, or a harem, or the poor being thrust into the society of the rich (usually by way an elite academy). Princess Lover upholds all of these values, along with a healthy dose of fanservice.

Which princess will Teppei choose?
Which princess will Teppei choose?

Arima Teppei, the main male lead, starts the series with a punch to gut with his oh so casual ‘that was the last day I saw mom and dad’. You knew something was going to happen from the off with the news showing ‘the third only rich people attack car accidents’ story, but still, so soon and sudden.

But don’t worry my little hentai fans, this serious is not recurring, when the cover of the DVD has the unmistakeable feminine form and the first shot is of shiny muscles. Oh anime.

Teppei takes to it well, though it seemed as though he cared not for tic people, I think his character is less bothered by material possessions than proactive in his apathy.

But who makes up the his harem you ask?

The vulgar princess, Charlotte, is amusing. Though obviously the bimbo of the group, there is a sense she will be most switched on when it counts. Pretty important when she is an heir to a country. Favourite quote: ‘But it’s so much fun playing horse’ as she is straddling Teppei at school. Teppei saves her, a few times, but also is the only man to treat her as a girl before a princess.

Sylvia, the cool, sword-fighting type. Her lonesome but strong attitude is prevailant in many anime. It is obvious she will fall in love the hardest as her character shows a need to connect, good thing she is Teppei’s fiancé. She

Seika, who is made out to be the villain at the beginning. At first she is embarrassed to admitting her instant attraction, but what is a harem without a bully right? The visual aids in the anime (no hentai, not those kind of visuals) really develop her character most. She doesn’t speak unnecessarily, so her situation and mind is expressed though her environment.

Yuu, the maid. All of the girls have a deep sadness about them, she does not have the high status as the other girls, but as Teppei’s exclusive maid she has the privilege of intimacy with him. She gets gratification by just seeing him happy and him being kind to her, because such selfless people really do exist… liars.

The art of the anime is sometimes a little… square? Especially the vehicles, but the people are good and sword fights (always a reason to sword fight) is impressive in animation, it shows some real research has gone into the different styles used.

So this anime is great to while away a couple hours in the evening, it is lighthearted, funny, and has a dramatic finale. Which lady of the harem do you think Teppei will choose?

There is also an amusing scene of a motorbike with legs wearing fishnets. That’s all I will say.


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