Crepuscule doesn’t last long enough – Review

Crepuscule is a Korean webtoon by Mirchi and Yamchi about a paradise outside of the human realm where vampires live. The dictionary meaning of crepuscule is twilight, but don’t worry – there is nothing glittery about these vampires.

But don’t get your hopes up just yet either. In this world of vampires there are also werewolf vampires (that can also turn into adorable foxes), vampire zombies (they just have blue skin is all, and don’t feel pain) and succubus vampires (so far… nothing in particular other than almost extinct).

The story mostly follows Setz, a vampire whose status is almost that of a prince, and Lark, a human with ‘red eyes’. Setz found Lark in the human world, brought him over to the ‘paradise’, leaves him with a friend, this and that happens and then 10 years later they meet at high school, both with serious issues. You know, as you do.

Lark obviously has to hide the fact he is human, which seems ridiculously easy.

You may have noticed I have no love for this series. It seemed good, and the shoujo style art is really nice. What I love most about Korean webtoons is the constant colour panels. As much as I love manga, you can’t beat brilliant technicoulor, and there is no fault to the art. But the storyline just moves too fast.

It flows seamlessly, you don’t feel as though you have left out a chapter, but the story just sprints along. It has enough depth for you to connect with characters… but like Game of Thrones don’t feel too attached, because if they don’t die their personalities get switched and those that remain just can’t deal.

The ‘mutant’ vampire zombie Sia Kul is a great character I want to see more of, but he just isn’t mentioned half the time, but when he is he steals the scene. I particularly like that he gets two speech bubbles, one for what he actually says, usually one word, and a translation to what the whole sentence would be. He just ‘can’t be bothered to speak’. However I fear if his character is developed he will be ripped away, so I hope he gets forgotten and carries on his happy bullied mutant vampire zombie existence…

Sia Kul, the mutant vampire zombie.
Sia Kul, the mutant vampire zombie.

My addictive personality for stories had me devour Crepuscule in half a day, but I just felt angry and cheated. It’s a beautiful comic, it is just underwhelming and introverted.. It will happily make an issue, but when it comes to the climax of an arc, the emotion becomes numb rather than explosive.  I guess I just prefer my vampires extroverted.


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