The complicated love life of the rose princess – Review

Barajou no kiss, or Kiss of the Rose Princess, is a harem manga centralised around a high school girl, Anis.

The four main boy groups – shoto, vampire/emo, prince-like and martial artist.
The four main boy groups – shoto, vampire/emo, prince-like and martial artist.

When she was a young girl, Anis was given a choker from her father and told to never take it off, or a great punishment will befall her. Well it comes off and thus starts the story.

Anis is the ‘rose princess’, known as the dominion to the four rose knights. She can summon these knights by kissing their respective coloured cards, but as they use their knightly powers, it uses her blood. The choker, it turns out, had kept her powers hidden so the knights couldn’t find her. Why wouldn’t you want four good looking men as your slaves you ask? Well its complicated.

Once entered into contracts the knights can grow in power and use less of Anis’ blood if their relationship is taken up a notch, called awakenings. She eventually needs to awaken one of them a fourth time (basically marriage), this would give them great power, and the other three would return to human. But Anis doesn’t feel that way for any of her knights and only wants the contracts so that they can seal the ‘devil’s door’ (keeps a great evil power out of the world) and set free her knights, who she does care for, just ‘not like that’.

Add in some fake knights, some twisted societies, more sexual innuendos that you could count and daily high school shenanigans and you have the storyline.

Though there is not much enthusiasm for the overall series here, I really did enjoy reading it. The art, shoujo style, is as good as the next, and the mini adventures of each chapter has good depth, with the characters each coming into their own. Even Anis grows from a silly girl to a serious girl (she’s still an annoying high school girl that doesn’t understand big issues, no matter how much she is hit on).

I can’t really say anything bad about the series; it has balance, fights, magic, and covers the four main boy groups – shoto, vampire/emo, prince-like and martial artist.



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