@InnocentDrinks warming our hearts, bottle tops and elders #BigKnit

innocent hat

So I have been busy with a myriad of life challenges, and my blog has suffered (and my health, but darn it this cold shall not win!). I have a few delightful posts on paper prepared, but to keep you going until I get around to typing it all up (on my decrepit laptop) here is the most wonderful digitally-knitted hat that could ever have been digitally knitted. Ever.

Oh, and it encouraged the delightful chaps and ladies of Innocent drinks to give 10p to Age UK. Why don’t you encourage them some more? Here.

Also, get the knit-addiction and start on next year’s #BigKnit batch. I hope enough people send them sheep that the entire population of Fruit Towers fall asleep while counting them. They can’t accept any more this year, so we all have plenty of time to perfect the crochet.


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