Old News – Week St Mary renewable energy farm consultation

Nobody seems to want a wind turbine near them. I confess, I have not experienced being near one. However, my personal view is that I like them. They remind me of car journeys when dad would suddenly shout: ‘Look Nat! the turbines!” They are connected to happy memories for me, but I understand that some people just don’t like them.

And residents at Week St Mary really hate them. Well some of them.

Week St Mary September consultation

People say they are loud, but I listen to loud music constantly, so I have no right to complain there.

The flicker is a problem, but apparently the larger ones aren’t so bad.

People say they are ugly, but let’s face it, they could be much uglier. However, I don’t think they are all that bad. Still, would be nice to paint them green and the propeller bright pinks and yellow like flowers. Maybe.



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