Manga vs Anime: Kimi to Boku – Review

Kimi to Boku, by Kiichi Hotta, is a slice of life anime and manga about four boys entering high school. They have been friends since kindergarten, two are twins, one is basically the feminine role of the group, and the fourth is a moody bespectacled lad who doesn’t seem to want to be friends with them, but is obviously just a whiny bloke because he follows them around and encourages them to do things. There’s also a blonde character that joins the troop further in the story.

Doesn’t that sound enthralling?

Well don’t look over the manga shelf just yet. I for one hate the ‘slice of life’ genre, with the obsession on rich vs poor, gender bending, magic, martial art talent and general how-can-we-make-something-explode-soon-or-have-an-epic-five-episode-battle genres there is so many more exciting and entertaining titles out there available. However, though Kimi to Boku is not my cup of tea, it still got me laughing – out loud – more than once in just the first episode.


The art work looks bubbly, as in the lines and characters look softer than they should be. I don’t personally rate the shonen style of art, preferring the world of shoujo and its larger than life view of eyes. Kimi to Boku’s eyes just annoy me, the boys constantly look disinterested and sleepy.

However, the scenery is nice. Effort obviously goes in to shapes and lines, in the anime (made in 2011) when a basketball rolled along an empty wooden floor it would mock today’s CGI. It was graceful, but still, a rolling ball does not a great anime make.

Oddly, the anime kept cutting to watercolour-esque portraits whenever the boys had an epiphany, or maybe just randomly. Yet more random, the story kept getting explained with cut scenes of fat furry cats. Not one to ever dislike seeing an adorable fat furry cat, I am not complaining, but there is no explanation why they are there, not an obvious one anyway.


But if you are looking for a plain, humorous anime to watch, that wouldn’t mind if you only stuck with it for a couple of episodes, then you could fill a boring afternoon with Kimi to Boku anime easily.

In regards to the manga, though I can happily sit and be presented with something amusing, I can’t bring myself to actually work to find the amusement, knowing I will not get the reward of something supernatural. Really, what’s the point of reading something you can live yourself? Or just watch someone else do, like an anime for example.

The manga artwork is pleasant to look at though, so it wins in that category against the anime that way.

The humor is silly and and easy going, all in all a good anime. It’s just unfortunate to be a dull genre. (I really dislike slice of life, seriously, just go outside and socialise).


It is quite funny though…. *brainwashed*



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