Take a Chance – Tempted by stars – Review

Tempt the Stars, by Karen Chance is the sixth book in the Cassandra Palmer Series.

I have waited around two years for this book, after Hunt the Moon finished on such a cliffhanger.

Nobody would start on the sixth book, so this post will not help you if you haven’t reached this point. Go get tucked up in bed with your Kindle and Touch the Dark and come back in a couple weeks. If you are one of the Cassie coven, then join me in further discussion.


Like I said, no one starts on the sixth book, why would you? Even though Ms Chance is a delightfully kind author who will remind readers of what has happened in the previous books when relevant, and the first chapter will always summarise the whole series. Sometime this can feel a little OTT, but deep down we readers will always be grateful for that ‘oh yeah’ moment.

Cassie is the pythia, chief seer, if you’re still confused read a couple paragraphs up already. This is not a review, this is a “I just finished reading Tempt the Stars now give me Reap the Wind or else” post.

Karen Chance is my favourite author, not just because, like me, she seems obsessed with paranormal romance, likes writing heart warming erotica, understands some vampires just need a hug and that every girl needs two guy to satiate her storyline needs. Because what’s a good book without an ongoing never-really-admitted love triangle? Ms Chance is my favourite author because her writing is completely compatible with Natari.

When I first opened the cover of Touch the Dark I didn’t close it till I reached the end. Literally. I stayed awake through the night, regardless of my need of sleep to go to school the next day. Fortunately my impulse buying meant I had the first three volumes of Cassie, bad for sleep, good for my obsessive personality. It took a year to get book four, another two for book five, and now, two years on, I just devoured book six.

The novels are written in Cassie’s point of view: Her confusion, fear, anger, desire and growth are all felt first hand. I like the way in which Cassie’s inner monologue speaks out to the reader in that sarcastic ‘of course’ kind of way. Tempt the Stars had that moment a couple times close together, which perhaps should have had some distance, but still, it makes me smile.

Everyone has books they want to be buried with like Egyptian pharaohs, well the Karen Chance novels are mine… Too weird? No, weird would be multiple crazy fan letters sent and in returnΒ  two bookmarks, a signed letter, two emails thanking me for being a crazy fan and a giant vampire pin badge, all kept in a treasure box under my bed. (They need to be buried with me too).

I could (and have) read, reread, and read again any of the Cassandra Palmer and the Dorina Basarab series (same world, different character).Β  Except… the stars maybe aren’t the most tempting after all?

I know, I know, blasphemy.

Before I read Tempt the Starts, I accidentally caught wind of a review that said it wasn’t all that. Well actually the review said it was full of plot holes, which plagued my mind all the way through the book. And though, personally, I feel this person was wrong, and that the plot line had the correct amount of information at any given time, it was still lacking when you compare it to the brilliance of the other books that came before. However, I don’t think that is Ms Chance’s fault as such.

The whole book felt more of a tremendous set up for a new direction in the series. A lot of ideas were started, but never realised. Was anybody else waiting for Cassie to put Billy Joel into an aluu? Or some similar machine akin to daddy-dearest’s bucket-heads? That review I said about? I stopped reading when I reached the bitching about witches surprised at Cassie’s lack of shields. But I can see why they were bitching. I’m a great believer that you can only only moan about something if you proactively set about changing it to something you will not moan about. The witches just moaned, they have yet to offer to train her. Which, I’m assuming, will be happening in the next book. I hope. But then would Cassie learning (finally) how to do magic on her own defeat her character’s endearing inability to be alone?

I want Reap the Wind, I really do, but I fear that my wish coming true on the ongoing series is going to mean the desecration of what I hold most dear within it. Luckily, it’s Dorina’s turn next.

Though if you read the last Dory book, you would know Cassie made an appearance, yet this was not touched upon in Tempt the Stars? Even though in Ms Chance’s own timeline of the novels Fury’s Kiss came before Tempt the Stars? Have I missed something?

Anway, Tempt the Stars was great. I enjoyed every page of it. The overall series plot line is clever. The research that goes into each book is phenomenal, and the way in which each book will lay a foundation for something epic in another is fantastic. Plot holes? There can be no plot holes in these books. Only time loops. And the thing with loops, you eventually come back to it and reach completion. Something I hope Ms Chance never feels with this series, but alas, all good things must come to an end.

But not just yet.


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