Launceston family raise money for hospital which helped son


A YOUNG Launceston family held a successful charity duck race at the River Kensey, Launceston, on Sunday, September 9 raising over £1,000 for the neonatal unit which greatly helped their newborn son in the first weeks of his life.
When Jamie d’Entrecasteaux was born on April 12 this year, due to complica­tions during labour, he suffered hyperglycaemia, showing a blood sugar count of one.
He received treatment in the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Neonatal unit for  10 days to bring his blood sugar count up to a normal level. When his blood sugars were stable, Jamie spent five days in neonatal low dependency for monitoring.

jamie d'E in neonatal
During his time in neonatal, Jamie had tests for his kidneys, as a 20 week scan had shown his right kidney was dilated. Unfortunately the tests showed his left kidney was not functioning and the tube leading from his right kidney to his bladder was kinked, causing more damage as the kidney could not drain properly.
Jamie has since had two operations for his right kidney at Bristol Children’s Hospital and is receiving ongoing care at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital from Dr Vaughan Lewis and the Bramble Ward.
Mum and dad, Sammie and Richard, wanted to raise money for the unit in thanks for caring for their son. With the help of Jamie’s grandparents and other family members, the duck race was organised.

As the bright yellow rubber ducks rounded the river bend, there was a clear lead, but as they ‘swam’ under the bridge, twigs, rocks and other debris scattered the competition, and it was Michaela Nolan’s duck which finally crossed the finish line in first place, winning £50.
In second was Darryl Wakeham, and third Graham Hodge. The final duck to push over the line had been bought by Christine d’Entrecasteaux.
Now five months old, Jamie enjoyed watching the ducks on the river, both feathered and yellow. Sammie, Richard and Jamie have extended their thanks to all who donated and supported the event.


*Report published in the Cornish and Devon Post on Thursday, September 12.

*Pictures all copyright Sammie and Richard.

Isn’t my precious nephew a little cutey? If you would like to donate money to the cause, leave a comment and I’ll arrange it. Sammie now plans to raise more money to purchase new toys for children in the Bramble Ward.


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