Amateur Play review and additional thoughts – review

Launceston Amateur Dramatic Society: Musicality 2 review, October 2012

LADS performance_Layout 1

My lack of blogging presence has made it appear as though I am not working, whereas the truth is that I am working more – just away from my blog.

Though I love reviewing my hobbies and whatever else takes my fancy, it is difficult juggling work, watching films, anime, reading, eating and reviewing all this… and eight hours of computer work a day doesn’t give the best motivation to be staring at a screen and typing all evening either.

Yes, that might be considered lazy logic, but however you look at it, there is a certain lack of blogging on my blog.

The solution? I will interject my reviews with some of my favourite reports from the Cornish and Devon Post (once they are no longer newsworthy, you should buy the paper to see my brilliant work while it is current).

If I do go silent for too long again, why not come nag and/or badger me on Twitter @Natari_Himi


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