Be sure to find it – Review

‘If you find me’ me by Emily Murdoch is released this month (April, 2013) by St Martin’s Griffin publishers New York.

If you find me by Emily Murdoch
If you find me by Emily Murdoch

I actually read this book five months ago but the publishers asked bloggers to hold off till publishing month to put up a review. So now it’s time to offload all the feels that this novel makes you feel.

It may have been five months but, besides names, I can remember this book as though I just finished it. This book will definitely leave an impression.

During the first chapter I found myself groaning at the injected dialect and country bumpkin mentality… but as the pages turned the educated young violin-playing lady that lived in a caravan in the woods started to hold onto a part of your soul you can’t turn away from.

Everyone can’t help but adore a cute six year old that loves dogs, as can be seen with the character of the little sister.

Every time I got through a chapter or even a page, I was so curious of the ‘white star night’. The moment you begin to forget, Murdoch reminds you. But it’s not just a nudge, it’s a golden slice of cheesecake dangling above a pit of hungry students (aka, the cheapest kind of tease) that makes you read on.

Cara’s interaction with her family is perfect. Murdoch has managed to match a rather difficult character that has experienced such horror and make her into such a real human, you would almost believe you were reading newspaper reports not somebody’s imagination.

Though that reaction is stunningly realistic throughout the entire book, it is also the source of what I felt failed. Cara’s interaction with the love interest is lacking in the quality that the rest of the book contains. He starts off promising but as soon as the reader meets him he is both an old wise man and a tiny child. I didn’t like him. And I didn’t like how Cara reacted to him. I get that Cara has a tragic sexual abuse based history which will affect the love interest but when the rest of the book is so realistic, this relationship really let it down.

The twist at the end was great. Not what I expected even though it sets it up throughout the entire book. Not just the twist but the meaning behind the twist and that Cara will never be fully integrated and will forever keep those secrets, weighing her down, but that doesn’t mean she won’t find happiness eventually.


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