Put a Moon Spell on you, and now you’re mine… well, hers…

Broody, possessive and controlling hero? Check.

Virginal young maiden who has never looked at guys before? Check

Rich family and definite attraction/arranged marriage? Check.

Dull, lip-biting woman that does as she is told and can’t do anything? FAR FROM IT. In fact she blows sh!t up all over the place.

Scottish author Sam Young has created a series of intrigue and brilliance. Well, it’s at least an interesting read.

I have read book one of the Tales of Lunarmorte series: ‘Moon Spell.’ Without wanting to offend or put off anyone I would place it as the missing link between 50 shades of grey and Twilight. This may excite some and make others run in fear, but Moon Spell takes what is good and bad from the aforementoned and arranges it in some logical order.

Sure, my kindle version had a few missing words and grammatical mistakes, and the intimate scenes last as long as cake at a wedding, but the book has good bits as well! Like… well… let me think. Things blow up did I say that yet?

Okay, so it definately has the good and bad parts from Twilight  and 50 shades, but at least there’s no damn lip biting. And there might be some ‘oh my goddess’ but at least there is no ‘inner goddess’ mentioned.

It was still a good read.

Caia is a lycan and… well if I said that it would ruin the plot, but let’s just leave it at she can blow stuff up. (No, not a demolitions maniac.) The fascinating side of the book is probably the research and mythology that occurs throughout, it has been well done and you get a feel for the world that Sam Young creates. It is not often that you can understand somebody else’s world, but the description and information is all presented to the reader so they can fully immerse themselves, I could not put this book down. Yet it isn’t overbearing either, Young has mastered the balance.

When told she has been lied to all her life, Caia doesn’t lie down and take it, she snaps and snarls like any person would. There is a real sense of character there, she has personality, something that is lacking in the main heroine’s role in most modern popular fiction.

What I found lacking was the fight scenes. Here you have a girl that can BLOW STUFF UP (did I mention that yet?) but we don’t get to really see it. There are good descriptions of her training, and with the multi-narrator style of writing you get to see the consequences of her power from different angles. But it isn’t enough. Maybe the fights jsut didn’t last long enough, what with most of the book being based around the relationship between pack alpha Sebastien and Caia. Oh yes, warning, this is a romance read. Paranormal romance- the best kind. With glowing lights.

No seriously, glowing lights.

As just mentioned it is written in the point of view of many characters, and not just switching between the two main ones, you get a look of the bad guy and some minor characters. It adds depth, and although it isn’t clearly drawn who is talking when the style of thought changes for each ‘person’ so it doesn’t take long to figure out. The whole inner monologue in third person helps some too.

To buy your own for just 77p  go HERE

To see Sam Young’s blog go here  or the lunarmorte specific blog


For a book that has romance, intimacy, an awesome heroine, stuff getting blow up AND kickass fight scenes read Karen Chance


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