The Amazing Spider-Fan

I hate spiders, that title is a lie. But Andrew Garfield is definitely a reason to abide them. Luckily there is only a few hundred used in the film. Wait what.

Onto more pretty things, Garfield is stunning. Geeky and gorgeous, it is easy to see why this film has been slated as a superhero for women. There may not be any explosions for the boys, but the witty script and the blonde love interest will keep every cinema filled with men as well.

The amazing spiderman, based on the marvel comics by Stan Lee, is about a boy who gets bitten by a genetically enhanced spider after sneaking into Oscorp science/lab thingy and then starts to exhibit mutations. Enough with the details: Garfield portrays the geeky boy perfectly. A fan since he was three he has told interviews he “wanted to be spiderman when [he] grew up, this is the closest [he] can get.”

Unmasked: Spiderman is about the beauty within.

From the original Toby Maguire and the long established comic and cartoon depictions of spiderman we all know of the tragic life of Peter Parker, the alter ego of spiderman. His uncle dies. Everytime that man left the house my heart stopped for the second, and on that fateful night a tear still threatened my makeup. The cast was ideal, even Flash the jock/bully (Every american high school needs one.) Emotion could be seen in their eyes and smiles, when Garfield first hits the camera with that toothy grin, many of you will be swooning in your seats.

It is easy to immerse yourself in this film. Although dark, the colours are vibrant. That red and blue suit is easily seen while he swings through the skyscrapers. Might stick with the logo tshirt rather than donning the all in one lycra though.

Definitely a must see for the summer. It keep raining so you have no excuse to be outside. Go get in a big cinema and watch that boy swing.

Also, I hope you find lizards cute.

Look, he’s happy to see you. Are you happy to see him?

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