Paws on my Pocky… – Preview


The third instalment for my video reviews on behalf of went live today. I started Saturday afternoon, had a six hour break, went to sleep, and got back to it Sunday afternoon. It was uploaded by 6pm.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, therefore I wrote a book in a weekend as I had to edit over sixty seperate photos. Not that I’m complaining, I enjoy fiddling around with photoshop and playing with windows live movie maker.

But enough with me trying to impress and get a paid job.

What about the pocky?


I had lychee flavour for this video review, but lychee is one of those fruits that don’t get enough attention. They are adorable little white balls in a funky skin; I remember being handed one in food tech way back when I was a youngster. (As I’m totally old now at 22.)


A single Pocky. (Well, half of one ;D)

Pocky is a popular treat imported from Japan. The western stylisation of it is Mikado, but the adverts don’t even shy away from it being a clone of Glico Pocky. It is not like any old biscuit, think Cadbury Fingers x Party Rings. Good for old and young and those that eat in between. The biscuit itself isn’t crumbly (good for not making a mess, bad for creating atmosphere in my video) which is most likely due to the thinness. The icing is not thick but is strong enough to hold together. It takes only body heat for it to become loose from the biscuit base. In some areas it is more lumpy, giving an extra kick of flavour because of the concentration.

The icing is but air when you bite into it, the real resistance coming from the biscuit within the core. Though the size makes it brittle and with a satisfying crunch you are treated with the prize. Lychee has a soft flavour at first, but it will overpower your senses. Unlike msot other fruit it will present a new experience. Maybe you will not like this change, maybe it will be love at first taste, either way, prepare to want the next bite.

It really is a strange thing, but I wanted the rest of that biscuit, even though the lychee flavour caught me off guard. It was a tenuous moment where I thought about it, yet before I finished I was sucking on the stick, being seduced by the melting icing.

The popular flavours tend to be chocolate (plain, I would rather a digestive) and strawberry (is actually quite wonderful) but they are the first to sell out everywhere. Lychee is, as said before, an underrated fruit; much like Guava. Ah, a guava pocky would be amazing, it must exist somewhere.

Om Nom Nom

Don’t follow the crowd, go with the different flavours!

ENJOY! -_- and please thumbs up my video. I like praise.




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