Never Forgotten

I really need want to make a blog post, but my life is currently all about my university course. For example, rather than posting this I should be writing the other half of my content pitch. Everything is on track for my deadlines and I can think about graduating with a calm mind, knowing that all my work is in order- at the expence of my blog.

I haven’t had time to procrastinate (except with Game of Thrones, but I was waiting for the next two episodes to review it) and so I have no content. Well, this is true if you count playing on a graphics tablet as work. I was practicing to get the hang of it so that I could make good graphics for my portfolio. Why not tell me what you think of my new skills. They are nearly all fan art images of things I like to watch/play. But there are a couple originals too.

Anyway, this post is just to say I am not neglecting my blog; I am merely working towards making it much more splended. Hard work takes time so wait for me. And watch this space.

If you want to see the home of my procrastination practice images, then head on over to Deviant Art and watch me.


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