Ramen Rescue – Review


A student visiting home for the weekend is left to fend for herself at lunchtime. Surely the point of going home is to feast on home cooked meals? But no fear, to the rescue comes the friendly neighbourhood chinese greengrocer, with their Unif Bowl Instant Noodles, Roast Beef flavour attack.

It is a giant, an oversized point that could intimidate hunger just with the size alone.


As the events unfold the aesthetics leave much to be desired, but hunger cannot be deferred by such trivial matters.


After three minutes it is time.

Here is what is promised:

Om Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

Here is what is given:

All that glitters is gold grease

The first irresistible bite burns the lips. Patient waiting transpires as a plan of action is concocted. Namely, let it cool.

The student tries to breathe in the life force of the noodle ramen pot as she waits, sucking in that delicious, sweet scent of… oxygen. There seems to be no flavour or smell emanating into the air, it is but a tame pot of noodles.

Starting to lower expectations a second bite is taken, and the soft noodles seduce their way to her heart. Biting the flesh of the noodles one will discover the glorious soft texture, trying to slurp the river that cascades down from the fork is a difficult fear at such temperature but seems so necessary it must be done. The subtle flavours build, with the aftertaste being the home to a spicy kick.

As the satisfying meal continues the spices both threaten and calm down with each bite.

Finally variety strikes with crunchy cabbage parts, but they are so few and far between they lack purpose and may as well not be there.

Cabbage Patch.

Mutiny is engaged when the sheer mass of the pot becomes too much for theΒ  student. Perhaps it was the late lunchtime, maybe the banana based breakfast was too filling, or maybe the Ramen pot was just too generous. We may never know the truth to this outcome.


But there are no regrets. To be able to eat such perfectly brewed noodles was a memory worth creating.



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