A sweet little whispa…

Whisper to me soft nougat bubble nothings, surround me in the hushed silence of chocolate. I taste again the purity of chocolate divinity, but like any deity, to behold it for too long would blind we mortals.

Maybe that’s why itsy Bitsa Wispa bites come in share bags…

bite more than you can chew... and let the choc out of the bag

The alluring purple cloak splits open with barely any pressure from the first advance. A sly rustle and a little extra glue keeping that top in place, such is the prerogative of packaging today.

A coldness emanates from the chilly heart of the little bites, sinking over your teeth as the flavour washes into being. A slathering monster inhabits the body as another and another is consumed without trepidation.

Then the pain of sugar kicks, and spirals the mind in a blissful rush of confusion and over indulgence.

Just a bit more.

A little powdery upon the body, for all the congregation have been dancing in that small space for so long. But it is irrelevant when you just slip one in and suck. The bubbles pop and melted chocolate runs down the throat in a promise of enjoyment.

Whether you like wispa or notΒ  is invalid here; these bites do not care for your personal tastes. They exist as a temptation. And we, as humanity, will fall for their whispers.


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