ANIME VS MANGA: Ao No Exorcist

Its no secret that I am a fan of the Ao No Exorcist from the review I did a few months ago. I enjoyed Kazue’s art and storyline so wanted the fun to continue, so, I started the manga series.

Click on image to start your manga addiction too!

So we know that the series is great, but must we place allegiances with either the manga or the anime?

However, the anime series is a complete set of 25 episodes, rather than the mammoth ongoing in the likes of Naruto or Bleach. Although, the manga is still being released every few months and has a great deal of story left to tell…

To see every side is the best option.

Watching the anime will you give you an action packed, semi-feel good laugh over the weekend, it is definately worth your time. But the manga is also on the Read List. You may think you have obtained a good definition for every character (except that Takara) but everybody changes, develops, evolves, and is shown in a rainbow of different lights. Why would you want to miss that?

I can honestly say that both manga and anime are worthy of being in anybody’s collection. Great art and emotional depth is present in both; personally I think that all fight scenes are better in colour and with sound, but the original storyline that the manga follows requires that sacrifice.

Creepy and Beautiful. Although would Blackie/Kuro be better in colour?

You will be as happy as the son of satan in watching and reading Ao No Exorcist, so be happier and do both.

Happy like the Son Of Satan.

I also mentioned in my last Ao No Exorcist review that I wanted to know who the damned was Takara. WELL…

the first mention of him... since ever...

If that tiny hint isn’t enough to make you switch to manga, then you aren’t a Blue Fan anyway… So you should watch the anime ;D

Reading *BLUE* Exorcist in black and white is kind of funny...

Recommendation: Watch the anime, and then read the manga to continue the story further. ♥


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