SUPER TOAST: are toast stamps cool? – review

Are toast stamps that cool? Is having a picture heated into the indentations of your crispy bread the definition of awesomesauce? Well, no, awesomesauce is some weird slang term of our 21st century youth generation, darn those whipper snappers. But having picturesque breakfast items was rather amusing. However, I write this blog so that you semi-senile oldies like me can understand the dynamics of these ludicrous inventions called the TOAST STAMP.

They come in all shapes, mostly the same size, but my intimate encounter with the things came in the form of SUPER STAMPS. A gift of Kapow and Boom from my sister, to add a bit of drama to my breakfast.


So my favourite bread is brown, and from my habit of breaking things I didn’t want to push the stencil through the toast… so I pressed the stamp lighlty on some wholemeal bread; but…

I got more of a kaPOUT than the kapow I wanted.

Toast Stamps are stupid. Β¬_Β¬

Was my first thought. But then realised, this was more of a kid like charm… and kid’s (so it’s told) like white bread, big , fluffy white bread.


KAPOW! Press hard into nice soft bread to obtain the desired effect.

What you still don’t believe me that white is better than brown? Then check this out.

The many sides of Boom.

So, I’m thinking this obselete morning action is too much thought process required of busy lives. You understand, the whole 3 seconds it takes to do that extra movement and push that really, heavy ounce of colourful plastic onto such an unforgivable and resilient slice. Oh Wait. On a serious note, I can’t see people who have to stretch their minutes in the morning to use a toast stamp. BUT if you have a moment to dawdle on breakfast. It is pretty awesome to see a picture in your breakfast.


And then cover the printed art with peanut butter and chocolate spread so it becomes superer. Totally a word. Just like this toast changed in molecular make-up when stamped. Totally.


One thought on “SUPER TOAST: are toast stamps cool? – review”

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