Bleach, the art by Tite Kubo, never hit my radar, until it became a small commotion on Twitter. Something about the anime coming to a close (after six billion episodes) and maybe perhaps a live action film coming out? I think. Don’t quote me.

Anyway, it was being talked about, but I had no idea what it was. Given synopsis: A boy, Ichigo, is transformed into a magical girl Shinigami after making a deal with the incubator being slain through the heart to save his family. Things go a bit complicated seems he is super powerful, and then the adventures begin.


Then I saw this picture:

That is DAMNED COOL. Oh… and yes, I was kinda curious when I saw something as cute as this… but I am yet to absolutely fall in love with him.

So I began the epic journey of starting Bleach. Maybe I will get round to watching all 365 episodes and 485 chapters, but for now I write this at the milstone of approx 50 each. I have other things to do, like paint my nails and reblog funny pictures of kuroshitsuji on Tumblr.

THE COMPLETE SERIES FOR UNDER £10… one series of 10… or so.

As a review for the storyline, I rather like it. It has the usual sad background, and heart breaking, soul defying history for nearly every character (can nobody normal and happy get supernatural powers in Japan?) but the whole hollow-bad spirit and shinigami superhero storyline is fun. It has a good balance of emotional engagement and battles, like Naruto. I like big, long battles that stretch over episodes and show off ENORMOUS power; I think I mentioned that before, they are fun and silly and I like the repeated moments of “I CAN DO THAT KICK!” etc (I hope I’m not the only martial artist that does that). Thus, whatever you decide, definately start Bleach. It’s the way to go.

Ichigo is HAPPY to see you.

So… Anime or Manga? I have two points that seperate them, two points that make one just that little bit superior to the other:

  1. Colour.
  2. Sound.

When I watch the battles in Bleach, I like the colours and the vivid detail of the techniques. The emotions and storyline is conveyed through the manga wonderfully, but the intensity of the battles and Ichigo’s spirit can only be seen in glorious technicolour.

Life is more violent is moving colour. The still, almost void like image just doesn’t pass the sense of urgency in the manga like the big splashes and smoke full of debris shown so easily in the anime.

However, some of you might say you have ‘a good imagination’ and can ‘see the explosions.’ Well… yeah, so do I. But what is scarier, seeing this:

I maybe edited it… a little.

Or hearing this:

Exactly. Kabooms and screaming over rustling pages anyday. (recommendation, if you like hearing the soothing sound of panicked screams, then you will love ao no exorcist.)

I know you are different manga, thats why I’m reviewing you. So silly.

There are moments when maybe the manga is a little more descriptive, and there are many moments outside of battle that are wonderful whether on the page or on your magically moving screen. The latter is of course refferring to the recurring joke of the appalling talent of Rukia.

Wonderful however you look at it.

I say appalling talent… she is still better than me. Disclaimer: I can distinguish heads from hands though…

Another time that I will happily reread and rewatch both is for this screen cap:

Why does this make me laugh so much… maybe its the sheer determination in Quincy-Boy’s face?

In conclusion… watch the anime. The manga is good, but with all that content, and if you are only starting now… choose the anime. Get to grips with the story, if you really want to read the entire library worth of manga go for it, there is nothing wrong at all. But the anime has more impact and shiny things. We all like shiny things.

One last thing:

Thank-you Orihime… I don’t understand but I like it anyway.

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