Ramen: The long awaited introduction.

Pot Noodle.

I found INSTANT RAMEN, in my little town of all places. A new greengrocers has open by a chinese couple in Lanson and they have brought to us a myriad of wonderful asian treats. Fresh Green had finally brouht me ramen in my life, albeit the instant in a pot one. It looked like Pot Noodle, and worked like Pot Noodle.

one for me and one for my sister... I'm not greedy.

Beef flavor Ramen Samyang is my first taste of anything that is close to being called ramen. If you are after the bowls of colour from such shows as Naruto, or that wonderful bowl of delight from Neko Ramen Taisho, then don’t send your hopes after this. It isn’t that.

I had asked the very kind shop owner if she had any ‘fish biscuits,’ but all I achieved was a squint and confusing the poor girl. After paying for my ramen (and some frozen manju dumplings) I ran home and gobbled it all up I had a busy day shopping, not getting back until late, both weary and hungry. Looking at that pot was like looking at a pot of gold before finding a rainbow.

I think I mentioned once that it looks like a pot noodle? I, personally, hate pot noodle. Can’t stand the horrid things, haven’t eaten one since before my teenage years, thus, this review is done without the knowledge of comparison, maybe it is just like an average pot noodle… or maybe…

Maybe it’s my lack of experience, or I’m just a douche, but I managed to explode my pack of seasoning and get it all over the worktop; once I swept it up I cried inside over how much was wasted. I worried that half the flavour would be lost as well.

Still quite a lot of powder *phew*

I was too impatient to look for a water fill mark so I just covered the noodles seems they were solid half way up the pack.

such an amazing looking food, all that colour, all that detail just steaming away...

***three minutes***

VIOLA... nom away

I wonder how big those spongey beef bites look to you… they were only the size of a garden pea, yet you could feel the spongey texture of each individual spongey one. Not that spongey was at all spongey bad being spongey, but spongey was spongey.

The noodles were incredibly soft. Knowing that three minutes prior to me chowing down they were rock hard, I could slurp away with ease. The flavour, oh my, I had spilt most of my pack but these ramen still had a good punch; the curry style spice was present enough to make me appreciate the liquid, and the beef flavour was definately beef rather than some plastic actor of an E number.

the golden shimmer of no regrets...

When I reached the end of my noodles I noticed the great amount of leftover liquid… had I poured in too much? Was I meant to drink it? Do I throw it away? It may have (most likely) been the wrong choice… but I drank it. I had to, I couldn’t blog without the whole experience! It owned an ominous golden shimmer that skirted the top… a golden promise of coating my arteries and taking a golden chunk off my life later on in my years. It tasted quite good.


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