Is it possible to get a *decent* DVD for £2 at the supermarket?

I thought I had become desensitized to cringe moments since I watched “Don’t tell the Bride: surfer edition,” but I flinched repeatedly throughoutThe Dilemma.

Starring Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly and Winona Ryder this was the bargain DVD at Morrisons for £2. Mum found it, like she finds many things whilst ‘popping into the shop just to get *x*.’

For some strange hybrid of Bromance Comedy and tragic Romcom, a bromcomic perhaps? The Dillema was actually entertaining.

Hybrids are the way to go.

Two grown men, best friends, are living ordinary lives, working as spokesman and inventor for a car engine company. And then one day horror strike… Dude cathces wide of overstressed BFF sucking face with a baby faced ‘rock star.’ What’s a man to do? Well, that is what the film is about; and Vince Vaughn does every awkward scene in perfect awkwardness.

The advice of the film is “Honesty is better than love,” for true, down to earth relationships. Right.

For the money and the genre, the fight scenes (yes, plural) were good, really good. They do have a decent cast to help though, so no real suprise. Those punches, wow, just believable outraged everyday, street violence.

Vaughn is probably my guilty pleasure that I even deny myself in life. With every film, even this one, I sit down in a grump, much like a child mid-tantrum, because I don’t think the film will be good (the film my parents chose, and will fall asleep in very soon). But, just by his presence on the screen, I start giggling. Maybe it’s the goofy way his eyes look t the sky every time he talks or that he has been able to express every single character in all of his films in the same way and still keep it funny. (The right kind of funny?)

Those eyes say the truth "what the hell am I doing, where am I"

I would call him my comedy crush, but that goes to Rhod Gilbert. It’s that panicked expression that dances with every joke. It just gets me.

For the record, silver fox Philip Schofield has been my ‘old man’ crush since I was 13.

celebrity crushes...awwwwww yeah.

The brief appearance by Queen Latifah were too brief. Not am I only in awe of this woman’s talent, but her character was probably the only reason this film could be called a comedy. You will love her, that crazy crazy woman who says all the wrong things in just the right way.

Anyway, back to The Dilemma and whether it should be on your grocery list this week…

Do it. Don't do it.

A funny film; major cringes, but you can go to bed without feeling sad. Worth the £2 spent by mum, and a good time waster for a couple of hours one bored evening. Anything is better than soap operas. Anything.


Do it.


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