So Mum, remember when you said you wanted to redecorate the bathroom… – review

I walk into my parents cream and terracotta bathroom with Live color XXL Blueberry Crush… what’s the worst that could happen? ;D

the product…

After witnessing my sister’s transformation into a plum beauty the day before, I thought I would try dying my hair alone as well. I have never done this alone, let alone done it myself with people around, so to say I was apprehensive is an understatement. I ended up flipping a coin as to whether to walk to town and buy it, and whether I should be blonde or blue… blue actually won because it was in the cappucino pot and doing a normal dye alone scared me.

And so I began… right after I put some Gackt on my laptop…

I didn’t bother with instructions, like I said before I had watched my sister do it already and so poured my mixture in and shook it “40 times” (I shook, and counted to 40, same thing right?) I took the high ground and didn’t do the masturbation joke like my sister had… but it was probably more the fact I was alone and I am not that pathetic.

I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture so here is one I took a while ago:

Be honest, can you see any greys poking through?

The pot says EASY AND FUN or something, well it was definately easy, the foam sticks to the hair instantly and I had no trouble getting it everywhere. But it also said ‘no drip’… so how did I get it EVERYWHERE…

In under 10 minutes I had it all on my hair, well… most of it.

What a lovely style ❀

Waiting for 30 minutes was kind of boring. I won’t admit to my mum that I walked from the bathroom to my room to change songs, played with the dog and generally just chilled out casually whilst this dangerous stuff wobbled on my head. It was good though, with my short hair it stayed in place and there were no more cases of dye in mum’s bathroom. I used some hot water to wash up the sink/bath/wall/windowsill…

totally clean…

I realised that hot water alone wasn’t going to save me… so good ol’ Cillit Bang gave me a hand… and now my parents probably won’t scold me… probably.

As good as New. (FYI, I didn’t use the flannel and cillit bang together…)

After 30 minutes waiting and 30 minutes in the shower until the water ran dry (only took 25 minutes) I came out with a normal coloured body. The first good sign…

WetWetWet… red red wiiiiiiiiiiiine. But I bought blue dye…

My hair always looks dark wet anyway so there was no way of telling just yet.

A blow dry and a date with the straighteners had proved where my Β£4.99 (on offer at Superdrug today SCORE) had gone…


Recommendation of Schwarzkopf LIVE color XXL in cappucino pot: Very good if you are alone and want a subtle change to your hair. (From a dark to begin with perspective). It is easy with the foam, and everything washed away (however under my fringe is a little hidden patch I still haven’t managed to scrub off even with exfoliating gloves.)

Colour reviews: the purple one is very subtle, and if you have red hued hair like my family then the colour will make it more burgandy than plum when inside, but natural SUNlight does give a nice violet flair. The blueberry crush, like mine, does indeed look black, but when the light hits… it looks like someone has used a blue marker to draw the shape of my hair and then coloured the middle in with black. Otherwise, I am pretty happy with the outcomes.


demon eyes…. nan’s reaction: “You don’t go out with your hair over your eyes like that do you?”


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