Oreo, Oreo, where art thou Oreo?

We can’t all eat an oreo like this…

So there MUST be another way, right? There just has to be, what about all those poor people who can’t twist, lick, dunk, and NOM. What can they do?

NEVER FEAR CITIZENS. I have the answers. (Technically philedelphia has the answers, but here I am, giving you proof it works.)


Makes 2 cheesecakes (was in the sharing mood)

  • Crush 3 packs of Oreos into crumbs. (The smaller the better.)
  • Melt 40 grams of butter. (might need more, it varies depending on your stirring skills, mine are low and always need more)
mmmmmmmmm... something so yummy couldn't have any calories...
  • Line 2 circular pans with grease proof paper (helps the washing up)
  • Pour melted butter into crumbs, stir well, stir quick. When it is all covered seperate micture into circle pans. Press down (easiest with a metal spoon) until flat. Put in fridge.
I already want to eat it...
Make enough to share or regret it later...
  • Mix (although whisking makes it look better, but harder to do) sugar, 3 x soft cheese, double cream and 1/2 pack of broken Oreos. (I used whipping cream because it was on offer at Tesco, it still tasted great, but goes better when double cream is used)
om nom.. nom?
  • Seperate mixture on top of biscuit bases.
  • Return to fridge.
  • Hardest Step: let set for 2-4 hours.


[NO IMAGE AVAILABLE] [sorry, it was just too yummy, I forgot about cameras]


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