D-Gray Man, by Katsura Hoshino, is about some kid with a funky arm that can kill Akuma, a glowing eye that can see Akuma and a face tattoo that means Akuma. But what are these Akuma? They are the cursed spirits of humans dragged back to earth by loved ones who can’t let go and made into robots. It’s kind of like the Sonic the hedgehog storyline, only religious (What with the fat bad guy and the robots…)

The cast... of which I have met 4 (5 including Timcanpy)

Currently has a billion (103) episodes and (212) chapters. I am basing this on the first 5 of each. (I don’t have all day to watch it all).

The first episode and first chapter is almost word for word… up until the explanation of where that Akuma comes from. For some reason they change what happens… and yet do it in a way that doesn’t need to modify the speech. Personally the Manga won for the sheer tragedy and irony more so the Anime depiction, but the anime story was a little more heartbreaking.

Heartbreaking Bride vs Tragic Nun

So after the first episode I was thinking “This anime adaption is going to be pretty awesome,” and then epi 2 comes on… and it’s actually chapter 5. Where is chapter 2? For those of you who haven’t read chapter 2 it is freaking awesome. It shows power! I like, maybe even love, manga and anime that have some weak protagonist that suddenly goes BOOM and has some all powerful attack… than in the next episode doesn’t even scratch the enemy because everyone gets a level up. But that first initial boom is exciting. And chapter 2 is all over the boom. Well technically chapter 3 is, but you need chapter 2 to understand.

BOOM I am ALLEN, I am ALL powerful. kinda.
Oh hai, I am anime allen, I have no reason for being and appear to be a pathetic doll with a large arm.

The other reason I was annoyed they skipped chapter 2 and 3 was because it held the storyline on WHO THE HELL the kid, Allen Walker, is. Where he came from, why he has the arm, the eye and the tattoo… all those questions that take an entire series to answer is clearly given in the first effing book… but do they show you? NO! damn anime interpretations.

They do respect the manga though; all characters and funny chibi moments are crafted exactly. There was a clever part in episode one, where in the manga an illustration appears, and they use it in the anime as well but in the form of a book on the desk.

SPOILER that's not Allen.

The plot itself is quite intriguing; they are looking for some shiny ‘innocence’ of God stuff that will win the day yatta yatta but it means they get to travel the world and everybody dies for each other. Adventure and emotion= the perfect mix. It looks set to have some fantastic scenery, from London streets to Italian Villages on hills.

The artwork in both is very refreshing; it has a clear style like most popular anime/manga that isn’t too angular or blurred to look at. I like clear lines and good colouring, it allows you to relax and lose yourself into the atmosphere, and with D Gray Man you can do exactly that.

The recommendation is to both read and watch. If you do one then you will easily get into the other! They are equally entertaining. If you haven’t heard of/started D-Gray Man then I say to get into the manga first. Personally, I think manga is more mature and goes further into character development, and also the fight scenes are a little dry in D-Gray Man, so looking at manga is enough to get the power respect for them.

Remember though I am a D Gray Newbie, I saw an image of Allen on Tumblr and he looked badass, which makes me think the anime might get pretty awesome. It’s just I have to psyche myself up for 103 episodes, but I just started Bleach and I am about 600 episodes and a 1000 chapters behind on that… another mammoth commitment is just not want I want right now.

D-Gray Man looks to be something exciting and has enough silly chibi moments to outweigh the serious sounding storyline. The characters are funny and broody, so everybody will find someone they like.

ANIME VS MANGA = DRAW. (the equal kind, not the manga kind ;D )


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