A waste of time not worth my time.

TripleTown on Google+ games. What is it? Thats is the only question that encouraged me to click on that odd squircle shaped link with an ugly square bear scowling at me.

I assumed it would be like a sim game, and it is but it isn’t.

You need to group grass, bushes, and trees into threes to upgrade them through the ranks until you get a house (three trees). The object of the game is to get the required number of points before you run out of space. I think.

I was only messing around at first, I hadn’t even realised that my moves were being scored until a pop-up came and told me I was to move onto the next level; and I was no longer able to play with my first town. That puzzle was done (albeit terribly) and was not to be looked at again.

Each level, as it were, will be to build a new town, either from scatch or it will already have a couple houses. Each new land will have another obstacle. The first is WILD BEARS, and we are given the task to kill them by trapping them into a single spot. Three gravestones get you a church. The bears don’t really do anything other than attempt to growl and dance when getting in your way so you can’t make your three in a row bushes. No trees for you. Unless you want to MURDER INNOCENT BEARS for the sake of silly little humans that bobble around on screen and never help.

The game is fun as a way to pass a single minute by trapping bears and getting combos but the levels are strict and they move you on when you might still be having fun. It may just be my stupidity but I was really terrible at getting the required points and kept messing up my own tactics on making houses. I made one big house without realising and attempted to re-enact my luck but to no avail.

When you pass the first three explanation puzzles you actually get into the game. You are now given things called Bots to destroy anything in your path, including bears. They are also your only weapon against NINJA bears that can teleport to any free square, thus, you cannot trap them.

I don’t know the exact way of getting these bots, I wasn’t paying attention, but at one point I was just given bears and bots and no greenery. It wasn’t until I had two squares left that I realised using a Bot actually took away your points. At this point I had destroyed two churches, three gravestones, a tree and some grass just for fun. It seems like a horrible metaphor that advancement in technology is actually destroying our civilisation and sending us into dismay and depression. Not a very sweet moral for a kids game…

I conclude that this game is probably for kids and lonely mums and not for me, a 21 year old student who is too aloof for simple puzzle games. I much prefer something more complex and forces me to ask for help; its more social.


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