coveting the bosom of the devil

The first 5 seconds uncovers it all.

Hair darker than a ripe strawberry blow exotically in the wind. A beautiful fluid artwork staggers as the shot is harassed by a pair of inflated breasts that bulge from a striped blouse. The internet doesn’t have enough memory space to state the amount of fan service in Highschool DxD; so  will write this review without mentioning it… well it isn’t really possible to not mention it at all seems the anime is built around being a perverted high school boy.

If you look past every line of dialogue returning to fondling breasts (all of which are at least double Ds at this school) the anime seems to be about something resembling seriousness. Devils and fallen angels get in the way of Hyoudou Issei getting to these breasts. But they are also the ones that get him the closest. All in the first episode. Lucky Issei. there is an insinuation that he has an innate power called a gear but that isn’t for first episode explanation. As always there will be a grand allmighty power reason why he is the loser with the harem. That’s just the way it goes.

I recall Bamboo Dong on Anime News Network describing the sound of the movement of bosoms like a water mattress, but it could also be compared to Jelly getting slapped with a sponge.

However, if this anime doesn’t have your required exposure of male fan service with the skirt flying up, the magical girl transformation into electrical tape bras and the shower scene then no fears Dave, as the boys also watch a hentai tape that is also shown with a scantily clad girl using her power to sit on a guys face…

It looks so innocent...

What great entertainment… is that really what guys dream about? Not my cup of tea. Any of it. Not even when Issei wakes up naked with the ‘most beautiful girl’ in school also naked in his bed.

So as I say if you CAN look past the flashing and the underwear and everything that goes with it then you may see hints of a promise that means an interesting anime with power, the expected harem of every male leading anime and flashing lights covering weird symbolic circles.

What more could you want? Other than clothes…


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