Baby killed me with laughter…

Kill me Baby was a strange title to come across; it didn’t give away much in the form what the series was about so I had to read the synopsis. When you read the words ‘high school,’ ‘assassin,’ and ‘constant pain,’ it is easy to become intrigued.

Watching the opening credits I was bent in laughter so hard that I almost missed the adorable face of chibi animation in a cape and alien octopi that strangely looked like they were made of jelly. Purple Jelly.

Even though the chibi animation style is not one I liked to watch regularly for an entire anime the storyline is amusing enough to disregard personal art taste. The art is also very close to it’s manga origins and has a lot still shot scenes, but due to the nature of the short plotlines and multiple short episode it is fitting for the anime and suits the cuteness that it is obviously trying to obtain. As usual, the main character also has a squeaky “kawaii” tone to her voice. I have a housemate with an annoying voice so I am able to block out irritating sounds at will, but I understand those who do not have this power. But stiffen that upper lip as the assassin’s script is worth her high-pitched partner.

I feel this show is also good for teaching martial art techniques. observe: headlock.

“This is for when someone grabs your shirt. Hit them so fast they can’t react. Send them to heaven in one hit.” It is a nice thought that Heaven is so accepting, usually it would be to send attackers to hell, but I suppose an assassin would have a more optimistic outlook on sinful behaviour.

again with the pain

The recurring joke is that SonyaChan, the assassin, is always using her reflexes and skills to ‘accidentally’ hurt the main character, YasunaChan, who only wants to be her friend but is always getting too close or deliberately tries to make Sonya use her skills. Also, Sonya seems to be afraid of nearly everything, from cockroaches to ghosts and her ninja assassin skills usually are exposed for humorous effect every minute if not more.

"better than me?" yes. very much so.

For a simple, and almost lazy, anime Kill Me Baby is such a wonderful chill out anime that you can watch when you need a laugh without fail. It is in a much higher league than Shin Chan and I am definitely putting it into my top 5 favourite anime for pure comedy reasoning… even without knowing what it is all about and only watching it for 20 minutes. :3


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