Dream with no Name

So I had another pretty crazy dream; actually I have had something close to nightmares these past three nights, but finally I wasn’t really getting directly attacked so I don’t mind writing this one down. (Writing down a dream is like a photo catching the soul of the person)

Just so you know, I didn’t eat/drink anything an hour prior to sleeping. I went out and ate a curry with my parents at 8pm, had chocolate cake, and a cup of tea when I got home. Then went bed at 11.30pm…..

I was helping my TANG SOO DO instructor Ben to run with the Olympic Flame [Ben is one of the Cornwall runners in 2012] but it was too tiring and I became exhausted after ten steps and couldn’t move.

even my dreams are proud of my friend...

Next thing I know is that I am waking up from a 3 month coma. Everyone seems excited but no one shows it and just continues with their everyday activities.
Because of my coma I have to re-apply for my final year of University and do it again; but I don’t mind this so much as I have already done half of my dissertation and this way I just have more time to complete it.
My mum and dad have made me the frames whilst I was in a come and there are fully rotatable Troll Beads lined up in them. But they are like elongated troll beads.
My mum then tells me that two months into my coma, my boyfriend, Hector, had split up with me. I keep texting him throughout the dream, but he never replies. [I expect a sincere apology and flowers for this -_- ]
Suddenly, my friends, Ben, Emma, Ameera and Georgia and I are in London.
I am trying to steal a machine that you connect to your computer so that the FBI can’t find you from this abondoned flat in an apartment building.
However, I broke the bags of porridge and rice and tried to put it all into a bucket before I was caught.
Somehow I escaped without being arrested.
I meet back up with everyone else but I am carrying all my luggage around London. I have a large suitcase, a small wheeled suitcase, a backpack, a carrier bag and some briefcase.
Ben has bought a copy of Zelda Skyward Sword for 9.99 and lets me have it, so I try putting it into ONE of my bags…
We are then trying to get a tube but we need to ascend some stairs and then get through this revolving door before me can get to the trains.
I can’t fit through [these stupid things are litelly a 50 cm triangular space] so I ‘post’ my pieces of luggage seperately.
After completing this the revolving doors vanish and the entire room (incl. stairwell) becomes an elevator and takes us to trains.
My luggage broke and I am trying to repack as the train comes, none of my friends help me pick it up so I end up forgetting the brief case when getting on to the train.
The train is some crazy shuttle with no roof and saloon doors; and travelling on a pole which goes up and down and across roads and over cars. The train tracks even rise at 90 degrees and travel over the top of a parked van.
I give my friends all my bags and say I will get the train back to see if my briefcase is still there and come right back.
This next train is the same but without walls.
My briefcase is not at the station so I get straight back onto the train but it travels the wrong way.
The next stop seems to have the entrance to the EDEN PROJECT but it has Koalas all over the signs and is called “Amazing Snowboard World” I remember thinking I MUST TELL GEORGIA OF THIS PLACE.

the true face of evil... I knew this was a nightmare

There was also little pictures saying NINJA and WATER SLIDES with koalas on.
I was waiting for the train to come back when a girl who works there came to me and told me due to it being the last train we needed to buy special tickets.
I panicked and told her that I had no money or phone or anything at all seems I came here looking for my luggage and got on the wrong train.
She then said I needed to buy a ticket.
I explained that I had come here looking for my luggage and had no money, phone or anything.
She then said I needed to buy a ticket, it was Β£2 and she was holding a Β£2 coin.
I said to her, I did not have such a Β£2 coin and could not pay her back as I had gotten the wrong train looking for my luggage and had no phone or money.
She accepted this and took me to the desk and said to the guy selling tickets that I was a 12 year old lost and couldn’t buy a ticket.
I shouted that I was 21 years old and was only here because of the wrong train after looking for my luggage without a phone or money.
They both looked blank and said they didn’t understand and asked if I was 13.
NO. I screamed. I am 21 years old, I left luggage at the train station so on my way back to get it I got the wrong train and came here instead without a phone or money. I can’t buy a ticket from you.
Oh, well do you have anything to barter they asked.
I have nothing!!! I cried out in exasperation raising my hands dramatically- where, I saw I had many rings.
One of them was one my parents gave me so I didn’t give them that, but I let them choose one of the others that kept mysteriosuly multiplying.
Hector still hasn’t text back. I know even though I have no phone.
Getting all my rings back I now have ten. Who knows where they came from.
There are quite a lot of people waiting for this same train now and it finally comes in the form of a safari car with coaches.
Although we had the train we are all walking back drinking McDonalds Milkshakes; on the journey back we are walking along a beach and there are two two-tailed foxes chasing each other. I was very excited and kept pointing to them but no one else cared. πŸ˜₯

is cute”]
There’s a small sketch about one of the guys walking suddenly being naked and getting stung on the buttcheek by some fish/limpet and it looking really weird but…
I was suddenly sitting on the top shelf in my ‘friend’ Daniel’s old campus room. I am using a pencil to write messages on the ceiling when the crazy evil cyborg from Alien walks in.
I realise I shouldn’t let him him know that I know he is a murderer so I get off the shelf and start packing up the tablets on the desk which prove that the man he is about to kill has been turning his grandsons into mice. Robot is still the one in the wrong here.
Ben then rings crazy Cyborg asking why I am not answering my phone, and I snap at him saying look in my handbag YOU have my phone.

My Dad then wakes me up by letting the dogs run in and jump on the bed πŸ˜› So I do not know what happens next.

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