Commiting to the Knight

follow up review from my post a couple hours ago..

So my addictive personality has made me read to chapter 60 of Vampire Knight in one evening; and I must say…

photo of my actual face


Suddenly changing EVERYTHING in a single chapter I am no longer reading a high school drama of blood-stained memories and triangular love; it has evolved into a serious and desperate battle of emotion and multiple thousands of years of delusional power.

Oh and the Discplinary Committee haven’t patrolled or done anything useful for weeks, in fact, they are in the centre of the trouble and causing blood spillage and heartbreak all over the page.

It might not be the same manga I fell in love with this morning but damn it I still love Aido.

I mean I still want to read the rest and find out the fate of everyone…


slut ¬_¬ #bitteropinion

Kaname you beeeeeetch I was team Zero >:C Yuki…. how could you do this, K could have a harem but who loves Zero?


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