It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid: SAVE THE OWLS.

So the amazing Screech Owl Sanctuary was on BBC News saying that they need money or they won’t be able to look after owls.

So, in short, this post is just to say:


I mean, seriously, find it in your holiday heart to give those coppers that escape the mad rush of the tills to this sanctuary. The owls are all happy and getting healthy here. Did you see the Harry Potter films? or Guardians of Gahoole? Those owls live at this sanctuary in our little old Cornwall. They have given us entertaintment and shut the kids up for hours, we OWE them this donation.

Are you screwed up and hate owls because of THEIR AMAZING ABILITY TO BE EVERYWHERE right now no matter what shop you go in? Then donate to help the Meerkats, the other animal that is taking over the world.

If your heart is still made of stone and your pockets too long for your short arms then surely you can stretch to save the emus?

Surely your icy soul will melt for the Alpacas?

Will you go even if its just to throw bread to the ducks?

If by this point you still don’t want to save this amazing and kind almost 30 year old Sanctuary, then Santa won’t even bother giving you coal this christmas. or next. or the one after that. or after. etc.


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