So this is why Celebrations come in big tins.

I sigh looking at the a foil wrappers on my blanket. With dread hanging heavy on my chest I look to my side at the box, its top ripped where the cheap opening pull just came apart, but still gave away all its shiny treasure.

The chocolate log is in my fingers again before I know what I have done, the foil wrapper already falling from my grasp. I have gone too far to turn back and so I have this one as well.

The dread kicked me first, the darkness was plain and seeped through the fresh coconut, but suddenly hope shone. The coconut overpowered and the chocolate faded away, leaving a burst of sweetness. Had it finally worked? Was three bitesizes enough to find happiness?

it was so promising...


The dread now collapsed to the pit of my stomach. I tried swinging my head back to the box for another but my lank unkempt fringe was curling in front of my eye. Causing a pathetic tumble into despair. My neck hurt from looking down at the short box, maybe I should lie down. Although that would be giving into the darkness.

I stare longingly at the box now. I came to it for salvation and dammit I was going to find it. I look through the peephole in anticipation adn see a promising bronze warrior. But I get a nutty bad suprise before he reaches me.

I pull the ripped fluffy bathrobe round my skin tighter and take the plunge. The nuts actually make me smile, they had a good texture in my jaw and it was the first that made me feel like I had consumed something with serotonin. But it was shortlived, ending quicker than the last. Leaving but a bitter taste on the back of my tongue that I just couldn’t shake.

Not my biggest regret at least. (click on picture to go to artist's website)

But finally, here it was, I could still see three more lined up. All promising. Maybe they just sent out the weak ones first, had I finally travelled into happer locations? I gaze into the light reflected on the silver swirl of the wrapper. I pull the fastening apart and uncover the solid chunk of beauty, full hard raw chocolate. Milk Chocolate.

Built like a brick that has been pinched it takes a moment to get through., Although the first bite brings a shudder and then it crumbles, the purity of the chocolate is unleashed and fills you. The bad tstes are all gone left with a bittersweet coating on my tongue that almost brings a tear to my eye. It takes a quest through my soul and frees me of my guilt of the search.

It’s not happiness. But it is pleasure.

BE WARNED have friends

Moral: Celebrations should only be a group activity, and not eaten alone when lonely. You have been warned.


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