Arnie’s New Film coming soon?

In your dreams.

Actually in mine.

I woke up at 13.48 and was instantly angry at myself for losing  a day again. I suppose that happens when insomnia has you imprisoned till 7am. (I ended up turning my alarm off before I had even got to sleep). Not feeling like I was able to accomplish anything, and not feeling like I wanted to either, I shut my eyes again.

And then at 14.10 I opened them again, a renewed Human being.

I had had a dream. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The perfect choice. The only choice.

A well known spiritualist Vicar (Arnie) is on a panel with the mayor and a man who own a large mansion. They are holding hands not dissimilar to a ‘Most Haunted’ TV show. On a television screen behind them there is another man talking about spirits to them through the monitor, he is with most of the town and VicarArnie’s family. The filming is found out to be in an adjacent room to the panel, but that room is much larger (theres a town sitting on chairs in it) and has a large fire place. Arnie starts bantering with the spirit man, saying that he is offending the spirits and that he will call upon dark forces if he is not more respectful.

The spirit man does not listen, and calls names to the spirit, trying to banish them from the world. Suddenly he is attacked by invisble creatures and hurled at the ceiling. Screaming from the towns people make Arnie and the other two men go into the large room.

The townspeople are being clawed with what feels and looks like birds feet. But only small, perhaps the size of a crow. Arnie manages to alleviate the attacks talking calmly to the spirits in his vicar way, but his small child, angry that the monsters attacked revolts and grabs one, saying he was going to kill it.

The child is then attacked by a whole swarm of these invisible bird monsters, there are so many that the air density almost looks like whirring feathers. Arnie uses his stereotypical strength to get through but as he draws closer the child is hauled from the floor and thrown.

Arnie manages to catch him, and using his body to shield his son get him back to his mother pushing the town out of the single door to the room. As they leave the child is unconcious and has a bloody gash on the side of his head. Arnie swings around to face them but then it goes black.

It starts again with a doctor, more of a psychologist, leading Arnie back to the room saying “It’s been three months of your treatment, this room has been completely locked up so we will go in together.” Arnie is obviously disturbed and uneasy.

As the door opens dist blows around. Looking for the light switch on the wall by the door there are thousands upon thousands of bird like claw marks ripping the plaster and the dirt from the wall. The room is filthy but on the long wall is written a message:

I have someone I want you to meet.” is written in small neat handwriting. But in large messy scrawls is:

“You think you can attack us and live vile human”

The two sentences are obviously by different authors but there is nothing to say who, or what, wrote them. “I don’t understand this room HAS been sealed” says the doctor on his way to the fireplace. Arnie is looking at the words and does not notice the doctor climb into the chimney, shouting too late not to do it he witnesses the Doctor being attacked and his feet going up and down whilst screaming. Arnie runs to the door, falling on mangled chairs and debris on the floor, as he turns a troll a climbing out of the fireplace. No sign of the Doctor.

Arnie manages to get on the other side of the door but black creaturs start gaining physical substance, with emphais on one that looks like a large eye with wings that is as big as Arnie’s torso.

This is the point I awake at 14.10, who knows what happens next, or what came of the child. But as my dream cast Arnie, we all know he’s going to beat the monsters in the end. Maybe I should go bed early in hopes of a sequel…


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