Hyperactivity is best served with Ice-cream and a quiet night in.

Submitted to Reader Review Section for NEO Magazine.

“If anybody has obligations [against the party] then they can issue complaints in writing after the Party is over, I will be happy to read them.” It is not odd to find hyperactive anime girls with a quirky humour, they are everywhere. What should be commented on is the commitment of the artists that have her moving like a hyperactive girl, Haruhi bounces and trembles with excitement as she speaks which brings a fun sense of over-the-top reality to her likeable character.

The group- do they get back together in this odd time twist?

The script for the narrating character Kyon is both comparable to natural thought and is a delusion of grandeur. It takes a simple thing and multiplies it with a near quantum physics ideology to breed an amazing trail of thought. The film is easy to watch on the dialogue alone, the elegant artwork is just a bonus.

The plot is strange to a new to Haruhi Suzumiya universe visitor (like me) but I can’t see this film being anything but interesting and one for the fans out there to enjoy.

It could be worth an evening with ice-cream when you feel like chilling out and laughing, but perhaps understand the Haruhi Suzumiya concept beforehand.


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