Do you allow your friend to remove themselves from reality and live in #Skyrim?

Yes. Yes you do.


Thanks to undeserved good karma my housemate has managed to start playing Skyrim a day earlier than release, and I must say it is rather good.

For over a week he has bored me with “the trees are going to be amazing, each branch has a different weight and so wind moves it differently!” He was right to brag of this excitement as the graphics truly are pretty; it is one of the best CGI I have seen. Very much like that used in 10’000BC, it gives the player a very realistic game play; which could be bad as reality for the past four hours has only been in Skyrim for both he and I and we are yet to have the intention to come back to Earth.

I will admit my only knowledge of this series, The Elder Scrolls; Skyrim being the 5th is only from the mad dribble of rants from aforementioned housemate. It is an optional 3rd/1st person sword fighting RPG. I normally really hate 1st person shooters, but watching a 1st person sword fight is a little more fun.

At the beginning you can choose to be from one of several races, as much as I begged, Daniel, my housemate, would not choose Khajiit, a beautiful cat type human. Instead he went for Nordic, the main race of Skyrim. From a mutual love of Eric of Trueblood we fashioned the character after him, name and all.

We spent 30 minutes perfecting his chin.

There is magic and you steal weapons and all sorts along your journey. It is all quite interesting, there is always something to do, from hunting deer to picking locks and so it is not boring for either player or onlooker.

The best feature of this game; that makes it exhilarating even for those times the player is overwhelmed, is the randomisation. Except for few major points in the plot anything can happen. You can kill people vital to speak to by them getting in the way when a freak Sabretooth tiger attacks you mid conversation. Although we have yet to reach this point in the storyline, unscripted Dragons can appear at any moment to, in Daniel’s words “Fuck shit up.” I wait for this moment with unsheathed excitement.

They have the power to ruin or to save... both ending with utter destruction.

Another example of this wonderful randomisation is when Daniel had to reload due to death by bandits. However on this attempt up the mountain path he ran into two vampires, barely escaping again he carried on his way until the sun came up which then the game told him “You feel weaker as the sun rises.” After checking we find out Eric has been stricken with Sanguinus Vampirus. Be it fate because we fashioned it on a vampire, but Eric was now becoming a vampire. Unsure of what this means for the rest of the game Daniel is just continuing. I am pleased with these turn of events. Mwahaha.

The hardest part encountered so far would be the most important quest, to find the ‘Greybeards.’ It is only difficult as there is no real direction on how to get to them, just a point on the map at the top of a mountain that no matter how many times Daniel circles, the hills are too steep to climb. And now hired thugs keep chasing him.

You may be wondering why the beginning of this review says to allow friends to buy this game, be it you boyfriend, husband, son, brother, best friend, or even yourself. If you are still unsold you have yet to realise how tense this game is. It will raise your adrenalin; both Daniel and I were hunched over the edge of our seats as he was burgling a house at night, pick pocketing a sleeping man. OK so that part might not be really part of the game, but side quests is what makes a game fun.

Trust my word as an avid game onlooker; it is amusing to watch Skyrim. Never have I seen such excitement and fury on one boys face. Whether I will be enjoying this in the next three hours when Daniel still can’t get to the greybeards… I do not know.

FOR MORE  read the review from the other unwilling Housemate that Skyrim eventually won over. She even has the cure for vampirism.

EDIT: one hour later: Eric is now a fully fledged Vampire, he is immune to illness and frost but weak against Fire. Oh he also can’t use magic in daylight. And bandits attacked in daylight… ha.

EDIT: two hours later: thanks to another housemate the 7000 steps have now been found. Onward to the Greybeards!


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