#AnnSummers parades on ITV2… good, about time.

Every time I get hit with those child like questions “If you could only wear one thing for the rest of your life…” or “You are stranded on a desert island” I always reply with underwear. Ok, for the latter I tend to say teleportation device or at least a hovercraft but I would also like underwear.

There is something so wonderful about lingerie, it’s comfortable, it’s pretty, it makes you feel good, and it can make you feel sexy even on a bad day. Buying a new bra is an important decision for a woman and needs attention to individual characteristics. Wearing new knickers can empower your day, from cutesy owl printed girl boxers to that bit o’ string with some diamante tickling your lower back. Underwear is important.

Thus, when I saw Ann Summers had a TV advert I wanted to check it out. I have high respect for Ann Summers. Mostly because in there store I am a C grade customer, and this makes me happy to no end; for the first time in my life I like my body. Being a B isn’t bad or anything, but there’s something about that curve of the C that just makes a woman happy.

This has nothing to do with men, sex or the combination of those. No, this is solely about women, lingerie, and the real connection between them.

There is no compromise on style and comfort

Watching the Ann Summers advert and seeing that their ethos is akin to mine makes me happier that I invest in their brand. The crux of the matter is basically they want you to vote for the ‘real woman’ to represent them. My bet is on Sinead, the others are fantastic and as a lover of martial arts I want to vote for Hayley just because, but I am betting on Sinead as she is most real from the taglines. The others seem extraordinary, but she has an air of everybody. Plus, her hairstyle is like mine but cuter, and if she gets this job more photos will be taken and I can take it down to the hairdresser.

Why am I rambling about the brand new Ann Summers advert on my blog at 2am? I have a habit of talking about and ranting of things and people I respect. Ann Summers as a brand frees women from having to be shy about that expensive silk we always have to hide. Also, you can’t be against a brand that can deliver such quality products that fit well and shape the body comfortably with as much style and beauty as Ann Summers always does. They deserve a shout out, even from little old me. ♥


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